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THIS is worth coming out of hibernation for;

9 News out of Denver, Colorado reports-

LITTLETON – It’s something many of us may take for granted, knowing your medical history or being able to go and get a copy of your birth certificate.

But many adopted Coloradans whose adoption records are sealed don’t have access to this important information that could be life changing, even life-saving.

A Colorado Court of Appeals decision made in April will change this reality for thousands.

According to the decision, people whose adoptions were finalized between July 1951 and July 1967 can find out the names of their birth parents and have access to all court records and papers regarding their adoption.

Although I am saddened by the discriminate exclusion of certain adoptees from this ruling (due to the date of my adoption finalization I miss the deadline by just a few months) I still whole-heartedly CELEBRATE the success for my fellow Colorado adoptees who will SOON HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR BIRTH RECORDS!!!

A great big THANK YOU to my friend and fellow adoptee Jeff Hannash and also to Rich and Holland and Hart for their tenacity, tireless effort and genuine concern when it comes to understanding the extreme importance of an adoptee’s right to personal identity.

I humbly acknowledge and genuinely appreciate your efforts.

***PLEASE pass this information along so we can get the word out to all adoptees for which this ruling may apply.***



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