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THIS is worth coming out of hibernation for;

9 News out of Denver, Colorado reports-

LITTLETON – It’s something many of us may take for granted, knowing your medical history or being able to go and get a copy of your birth certificate.

But many adopted Coloradans whose adoption records are sealed don’t have access to this important information that could be life changing, even life-saving.

A Colorado Court of Appeals decision made in April will change this reality for thousands.

According to the decision, people whose adoptions were finalized between July 1951 and July 1967 can find out the names of their birth parents and have access to all court records and papers regarding their adoption.

Although I am saddened by the discriminate exclusion of certain adoptees from this ruling (due to the date of my adoption finalization I miss the deadline by just a few months) I still whole-heartedly CELEBRATE the success for my fellow Colorado adoptees who will SOON HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR BIRTH RECORDS!!!

A great big THANK YOU to my friend and fellow adoptee Jeff Hannash and also to Rich and Holland and Hart for their tenacity, tireless effort and genuine concern when it comes to understanding the extreme importance of an adoptee’s right to personal identity.

I humbly acknowledge and genuinely appreciate your efforts.

***PLEASE pass this information along so we can get the word out to all adoptees for which this ruling may apply.***



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Join Us!


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Sean Goldman

“It is like a nightmare for David Goldman, except that when he wakes up, it is still there. His son Sean, abducted to Brazil by the boy’s mother four years ago, remains almost in sight but always out of reach, in defiance of the laws of two nations and the world.”

“Goldman had been traveling to Brazil for every court hearing that ruled against him over the years. He went again, only to discover that his late wife’s Brazilian husband had filed a petition with local family courts to remove Goldman’s name from Sean’s birth records and replace it with his own.”

“Now, the question is how a person who is not related by blood to Sean can erase Goldman’s name from his son’s birth records.”

That is an excellent question NBC. An excellent question indeed.

Bring Sean Home.


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Attn TX

I’m passing it on;

Please pass this on to any of your friends who you believe may be interested.

On Friday, Jan 23rd, 12 noon, until 5:00 pm, please join us below the capitol building on Congress Ave., carrying signs, and marching to restore the rights of Texas Adoptees. On Saturday, we plan on marching from 10:00 AM until 2:00 pm or later, depending on circumstances. I have been told we can not go on the State property with our signs, but we can march on the sidewalks around the capitol. As you know, Congress dead ends right into the capitol grounds. This will be a wonderful place to display our signs!

If you would like to join us in our Adoptees Rights Struggle 2009, please do so. You can email Linda Burns, , if you have questions.

Our next march in Austin will be Feb 13-14, where we will have big red hearts and will be asking Gladney to HAVE A HEART.

In April, we will marching in Ft Worth.

We want all Texas adoptees to have equal rights. We want our legislature to change laws that have allowed maternity homes to profit due to sealed records. It is time to make changes to allow every citizen the same rights.

This is not TXCARE related. We are not adoption professionals nor are we experienced protesters. We are just everyday people asking for our State to grant Civil Rights to our Texas adoptees. The marchers will consist of birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families. All members of the Texas adoption triad believe adoptees civil rights are being violated.

We are hoping that if you can not join us, that you will make a sign and be out at the same time we are out here in Austin. If you can march in front of your County Courthouse, or your City Hall, or in front of any public building, it will help all of us. If people see we are wanting change, perhaps we can make progress.

Gladney is the only adoption agency who has fought change. They will be fighting us once again, but if we show our readiness to fight for change, perhaps we can make a difference.

Please join us. We need you!

One of my signs says, “Gladney Violates The Civil Rights of Adoptees” and another says “Adoptees Civil Rights March 2009”. We are hoping that when others understand this is about Civil Rights, they will join us. After all, this is what our country is supposed to be founded on!

Linda Burns


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The ancient office chair I am sitting on is hard and uncomfortable. I keep switching positions uncomfortably. The woman sitting behind the desk has a stoic and drawn look to her face. She is frowning intently and her eyes seem to be boring holes so deep into my chest that I can actually feel it stinging my soul. She disapproves. I feel like a robber holding up my own bank.

It  finally becomes apparent to her that I am not going anywhere so with a loud, exhaustive sigh she carefully opens the manila folder she holds in her hands. It is worn and yellowed with age. She peers at the contents.

She skims the surface of the words at first but then, drawn in by what she reads her eyebrows raise and a look of surprise spreads across her face. I slide to the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting information like a starving dog waiting for a juicy bone. The minutes feel like hours. Tick. Tick. Tick.

After carefully reading the entire contents of the thick, worn folder she slowly closes it and places it on the desk. She folds her hands into a gesture of prayer over the top of the folder as if to protect the contents from somehow escaping her hawk like clutch.

She begins to speak;

“The town that you come from is lovely, I know it well.”

Quiet thought. Where do I come from?

“Your mother has a very beautiful and rare name.”

Unique names begin to scroll across my eyes at lightening speed. It temporarily blinds me.

“She named you but I cannot tell you what your name is.”

This almost makes me laugh out loud. Almost.

“Your father chose a very noble profession. Something happened to him. Not good. No, not good at all. We’ll just have to leave it at that.”

What happened to him? Is he alive? Dead? In prison? What happened to my father?!

“You have siblings. Boys or girls unfortunately I cannot say.”

The significance of having brothers and/or sisters hits me like a ton of bricks. It makes my chest heave.  I feel myself momentarily stop breathing. It physically hurts.

“Your nationality is somewhat identifying so even though your skin is olive we will just call you white. White, being neutral, allows us to make your true nationality of no consequence.”

Apparently she believes it will also be of no consequence to my children.

“This is all I can tell you about your life.”

Even though my folder is two inches thick this is all she offers me. A lick of the bone for a starving dog. Then she stands and simply walks away with my history in her hands. I cannot move a single muscle.

I think how ironic it is that a ten dollar an hour office clerk will go home this evening knowing more about MY identity than I do.

Then I woke up and realized ……….it was no dream.

That’ll teach me not to eat cabbage rolls right before bedtime!


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The City of Brotherly Love…

….is calling YOUR name!

Philadelphia Adoptee Rights Demonstration

July 21, 2009

We propose a one day ADOPTEE RIGHTS DEMONSTRATION at the National Conference of State Legislature’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, on Tuesday July 21st, 2009.

The National Conference of State Legislatures is the largest group of its kind, the national organization of STATE LAWMAKERS, the people who DECIDE whether you may access your original birth certificates… OR NOT.

We propose a gathering of adoptees and all supporters of the rights of adoptees to unrestricted access to their own records of birth, representing all fifty states, a one-day rally that will be an opportunity for adoptees to demonstrate their commitment to adoptee rights and to meet their state delegation.

Please join us!

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Myth Busting

Myth~ Adoptees who have great parents should have no desire to search.

“Myth is not a story told for its own sake. It shows us how we should behave.”

Everyone understands the natural order of things regarding procreation; it takes both female and male participation. It is a simple and indisputable fact. Just because we think we have outsmarted natural creation due to our desire (or need depending on who you’re talking to) to do things unconventionally doesn’t mean we can pretend natural order doesn’t exist. If you are alive then there is a female and a male out there who are responsible. Period. So why support the myth that implies the level of nurturing we receive growing up has anything at all to do with whether or not we have a desire to know the nature of our existence? Isn’t the distinction clear enough? It’s apples and oranges. A person could have the worlds best upbringing and still desire to know something about those responsible for their creation. It’s not that complicated.

Myth~ If we use words like “donor” and “birthparent” it diminishes their importance.

Myth is about the unknown; it is about that for which initially we have no words. Myth therefore looks into the heart of a great silence.”

Usually the only time you hear an adoptee refer to their adoptive parent in any capacity other than “mother or “father” is when we have to make a verbal distinction between our biological mother or father and our nurturer(s). Society came up with words like donor and birthparent to fill the silence left by the uncomfortable void that was created when it separated nature and nurture. The titles are a myth. Titles may fill the void for society but calling them by a new name doesn’t mask reality for us. They are who they are. By denying us the ability to know our origins you force our identity to remain stuck in that dark void. The titles diminish nothing. Without nature there would be nothing to nurture. You may call them whatever you choose but those responsible for our existence are crucial to our identity. As they should be. Duh.

Myth~ Sealed adoption records have little or no effect on a well adjusted adoptee.

“A myth {therefore} is true because it is effective, not because it gives us factual information. If, however, it does not give us new insight into the deeper meaning of life, it has failed. If it works, that is, if it forces us to change our minds and hearts, gives us new hope, and compels us to live more fully, it is a valid myth.”

We absolutely can be effectively nurtured/mothered/fathered by a surrogate. I don’t think anyone would dispute that. But for whatever reason society has created the myth that once adopted our creators can be completely eradicated from our lives with little or no repercussion. Not replaced mind you, but actually eradicated from existence. Poof, gone, kaput. As if our actual creation is of little consequence! If you think this does not have an effect on ALL adoptees then I dare you to find one among us that has never once had issues surrounding their birthday. After all why would we want to celebrate a moment in time that we are repeatedly told by society is so damn inconsequential? Shameful? Secretive? Disgraceful? Vault of Shame bad? Sure, lets throw a party.

To deny us the natural ability to acknowledge our creators is to somehow ask us to believe we do not exist. And if you think not knowing WHO you are is damaging, you should try not knowing IF you are on for size. I’m sure this will be instant brain freeze for most non-adopted people, it’s a very challenging thing to try to put into words, but I honestly believe that’s why you hear so many adoptees say they finally feel grounded, tethered to the earth, real, once they are given even one single piece of information about their origins. It’s actual proof that they do in fact exist, that they came from somewhere, that they have a beginning and did not just materialize out of thin air. It matters. If you’re not adopted you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

Myth~ The adoptees I know have no desire to search, are just fine, are perfectly content, don’t care etc….”

“Like poetry and music, mythology should awaken us to rapture, even in the face of death and the despair we may feel at the prospect of annihilation. If a myth ceases to do that, it has died and outlived its usefulness.”

All of us come to the party wearing the same hat, telling the same stories, perpetuating the same myths, because that is what we have all been taught. When it comes to adoption, society continues to perpetuate myths that have completely outlived their usefulness. Not only have the myths become useless, they have become downright damaging.

This is why I question the truthfulness of adoptees who continue to perpetuate these myths. I can almost hear what’s coming so let me answer it now. Yes, who knows, maybe it’s MY version of what ails the adoptee clan that is a myth. Maybe it’s the “perfectly happy and content to know nothing” adoptees that have it all figured out. I don’t know. What I DO know is that out of all the adoptees I have come into contact with over the years (and there have been so damn many I lost count….hundreds though) ALLLLLLL of them, as in 100%, have taken OFF that hat when they got even remotely close to knowledge of their origins. They dropped the myths because they no longer applied. That’s all I’m saying. Myths are stories and stories tend to change as truth is revealed.

*Quotes taken from; A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong


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