Sean Goldman

“It is like a nightmare for David Goldman, except that when he wakes up, it is still there. His son Sean, abducted to Brazil by the boy’s mother four years ago, remains almost in sight but always out of reach, in defiance of the laws of two nations and the world.”

“Goldman had been traveling to Brazil for every court hearing that ruled against him over the years. He went again, only to discover that his late wife’s Brazilian husband had filed a petition with local family courts to remove Goldman’s name from Sean’s birth records and replace it with his own.”

“Now, the question is how a person who is not related by blood to Sean can erase Goldman’s name from his son’s birth records.”

That is an excellent question NBC. An excellent question indeed.

Bring Sean Home.



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  7. How come Lins e Silva DID NOT file for custody when he married Bruna? Why wait for Bruna to die? Did he have something to do with her death. Does he want to extort money from David like Bruna and her parents tried to? I read he made the decision for the Brazilian doctor to do the surgery in the hospital. Something is not adding up. What is his motivation for his CRIMINAL, DISGUSTING, actions! He has NO legal claim for custody. But just as bad, if not worse are the corrupt, bias judges that have made such outlandish rulings. Especially now this JUDGE SALAMAO is a PIG for his deplorable actions!!! Interesting that JUDGE SALOMAO was a RIO STATE COURT JUDGE a few months ago, got promoted to the SUPERIOR COURT and ironically is the judge that has the case now. It is because of these sick, cruel, corrupt people that Brazil will never be looked at as a 1st world country and the good, honest hard working masses of Brazil will also continue to suffer. I’m glad my family moved away from there many years ago. I praythe BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT will do the country good, save whatever dignity they have left and do what is necessary to BRING SEAN HOME

  8. mia

    Thank you for your comment Sara. As an adoptee involved in adoption reform and the fight for open records I am unfortunately all too familiar with how easily money can corrupt morality and sound legal judgment.

    I too hope Sean is returned to his father very soon.

  9. How SAD!! I can’t hardly believe these court rules. All crooked. Momey, money is all they want. They don’t think about the lives thay are ruining. God Bless Sean and David!!!!

  10. Kim

    The United States is supposed to be powerful. How
    come they can not get Brazil to return Sean. Brazil
    and their government is corrupt and we should impose sanctions on this country and no vacationers
    either. This life story is heartbreaking to say the
    least. I wish I could do more than just E-mail and
    call senators. I pray for Sean’s safe return.

  11. Jesana

    Hi David,
    My name is Jesana,i am brasilian,32 yrs old ,i live in New Jersey too,and i am prayin for you to have yor son back,and i am very touch with your story,and i think is not fair ,at all ,what they doing to you and Sean.The right place for Sean is with his truly father.
    You are going to have your victory.

  12. Cynthia Srednicki

    so my former husband and I met modeling…and with the desolution of our relationship..I have made it a personal goal to make sure my son has full access to his father…I am appalled that she is such a selfish creature..I could not even begin to be like that…I don’t even know how she justifies it…must have been cold in that bed

  13. Gail

    If the boy is ordered to be brought back and the Brazilian government has agreed to cooperated, why can’t someone just go get him? Why can’t the our president with his officials demand him over after their meeting? It is a slap in the face that they don’t take the US seriously and the US should stop doing any kind of business with the Brazilians. They are acting like dirty brazilians! Call it like you see it.

  14. CJ

    My husband is adopted, we found the birth mother, but she will not tell us who the father is. My husband is now 56 years old and still does not know his father. A father is someone who lets you know who you are and gives you his hopes and dreams. Bring Sean home, so his heart does not have to be empty and alone.


  15. Tracey

    What a terrible situation to be in. Sean is now 8 years old, he is going to hear about all of this through the internet one day, hopefully not and his real dad can break it to him. These people that are keeping his dad from him will pay for it one way or another, do they not know that Sean is going to be curious and dig for the information that has been kept from him for so long. I sure hope he gets to go home soon.

  16. bo

    would like everyone to stop travelling to Brazil for Carnival or on business cause they love to take kids from their parents

  17. bo

    also cut all diplomatic ties to Brazil until they return all the kids from other countries to their parents who are fighting a losing battle

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