“Hater” is kind of strong don’t you think?

I was going to let it go too. But everyone knows no self respecting hippie-type can be called a hater and let it go. I am all about the love man!

Apparently all of the attention you received from all of us ingrates has caused you much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It’s not easy seeing being green. Before your personal blog was protected from the wolves I could see that you definitely have people in your corner. There was a lot of this; “oh dear don’t let the haters get you down” and “they’re just bitter, angry adoptlings who come from gawd awful situations” and “you are a good parent (pats on the head) so don’t let anyone tell you different because you are doing God’s work” bull. As though this has anything at all to do with what kind of parenting skills you have.

You see it really doesn’t concern me how often you volunteer at your kids school or how many brownies you can bake in a day and I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you. I do have a huge problem with the business you are in though and THAT I will not mince words about. Like I said in my comment section nothing pisses me off more than people selling babies in the name of God.

I see the two “non-profits” you work for (run by Malcolm and Amy Young) also have a blog to further advertise their marketable product. I see that there you can also get up to the minute “situations” so I guess it’s good to check back regularly?

Here are just a few of the situations available next month;

African-American Boy, 2/17/09,SC, $21K

African-American Boy / Girl Twins, $33K, 2/1/09

Yes, I did notice that you get a discount if you buy two.

Be sure to ask about the minority discount!

I do have a question though. Is publicly advertising an infant for tens of thousands of UNNECESSARILY CHARGED dollars and basing that price tag on race considered human trafficking? I guess not as long as you throw in the word Christian.

Obviously my friend what I have failed to recognize is that if you preface your business with the word Christian and throw in some key bible verses for good measure all of this blatantly obvious marketing of human beings miraculously becomes- God’s work.

So sorry to have hurt your feelings my dear. Please go about your BUSINESS! And now that  you know I don’t hate you please do try to get some sleep.



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16 responses to ““Hater” is kind of strong don’t you think?

  1. I’m appalled.

    Minority discount?

    Why? Why? 😦

  2. bluestokking

    In light of the cheaper rates for African Americans, perhaps it would be best for prospective adopters to adopt this month or next – dont “white” sales start soon?

  3. Coco

    It’s not hateful to point out when something is morally and ethically questionable. If it makes people so uncomfortable to be called on the carpet, perhaps they ought to reexamine their motives and methods in adopting a child.

  4. What I’ve found interesting is that the websites and the blog have been popping up on child exploitation sites that have nothing to do with adoption. And even googled (and therefore possibly unreliable) definitions of child trafficking reference international adoption as a possible cause. But somehow domestic adoption gets a pass, and man that gap has to be plugged.

    If I understand correctly, Ms. Karalee has or had a personal blog? I would love to see THAT!

  5. Lula

    Utah must be having a clearance sale on African American boys – there’s one available for $24.

  6. Did you all see the part where they have the audacity to reference all of the children in foster care that really need good homes but in the context of- so let’s get the babes before they end up there? That was my fav. Over the top offensive on all counts.

    Margie she went private. Were you able to access Linda’s Facebook page?

  7. First, ditto on the comment about keeping kids out of foster care.

    And yes, I did get access to Linda’s page. I hadn’t realized it was all the fees from the blog and webpage, I had thought she had written or was linked to another article about this. But I’m glad I got her perspective on it.

  8. Last time I spam you today, I promise.

    So I found the blog with the post referenced above. And here’s the weirdest thing of all: it has a link to Anti-Racist Parent in the sidebar.


  9. Thank you for hating child trafficking in the name of adoption and for not letting those who call you a hater stop you!

  10. We haven’t read his file yet and so I don’t know why the little black boy my partner and I hope to adopt was taken into foster care, but if it turns out it’s because his mom’s adoption plan was foiled by lack of suitable Christian adoptive homes I promise I’ll buy everyone on this comment thread an ice cream sundae.

    And I am a hater in that I hate the way this country deals with poverty, racism, sexism. But that probably wasn’t what she meant.

  11. Kippa

    Just checked her out.

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  13. I am so late to this discussion but so happy to join it. New here, came from this woman’s work…when I was first looking into adoption, it so sickened me to see the different prices. The people at adoption agencies didn’t seem to get why that was bad. This has been going on for a long, long time and I really don’t get how this is legal. Not one bit.

    You wrote: Is publicly advertising an infant for tens of thousands of UNNECESSARILY CHARGED dollars and basing that price tag on race considered human trafficking? I guess not as long as you throw in the word Christian.

    It’s not okay to treat anyone as a second class citizen based on the color of their skin. Thanks for posting this. I’ll be back to read more!

  14. Judas Iscariot was a Christian. A very good Christian…so they thought.

  15. Rhino

    Without adoption how are these children to have homes? What is the alternative?

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