*Thanks to Linda Gambino for drawing this to our attention.

Whenever I read anything like this I am certain it must be a scam because nobody in their right mind could EVER find these “situations” even remotely ethical enough to actually USE an agency like this. Because if they DID use an agency like this they would not be able to sleep at night. They would all die of sleep deprivation. So surely it MUST be a scam. Right? RIGHT?

A Path of the Heart

She actually states in her blog “One of the main reasons we turned to CAC to help us adopt was because we wanted to be sure we were using ethical agencies.”

With that ironic/moronic statement under your belt take a look at this:

Christian Adoption Consultants

They also run this agency-

Hope For Adoption

Dude, sleep much?



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17 responses to “Situations?

  1. bluestokking

    I wonder if Jesus sets their pricing structure? Who determines what child costs $20K and what one costs $30K? Why the disparity? Can the more expensive child to turn water into wine?

  2. Warning: Link has adoption poetry

  3. Nothing pisses me off more than people who sell babies in the name of God.

  4. LOL Theresa, I saw that too. I’m happy to report my temporary blindness has subsided.

  5. Coco

    Ew. Ew. Ew.

    It reads like a Craiglist posting. Or a used car listing.

    Human trafficking – alive and well in America, courtesy of “ethical” agencies like this!


  6. That’s so gross and weird. Is “situations” a common term for, uh, fetuses/infants? I’m shocked, but I’m also shocked that alcohol-exposed infants fetch 20K+ in this market and that the baby of a woman who not only is having a biracial boy AND smoked pot AND OMG wants an open adoption that might be so open there could even be visits (pause to catch my composure lest I faint) can still fetch nearly twice as much as a healthy black boy.

    I know a professor who’s spent years scouring the listings of runaway slaves to see how they were described and what we can discern about understandings of race and slavery in various regions as a result of that. Looking at this “situation” list makes me want to start a spreadsheet like his.

  7. Holy smokes, I’m hyperventilating! The price tags are bad enough, but a sliding scale based on race?

    I left a comment, and will be curious if she will post it, although I doubt it. I’m guessing you all did as well, but none were there when I left mine.

    Absolutely appalling.

  8. You probably gave them a good idea Coco, I’m sure it won’t be long before children are a category on Craigslist. They already come dangerously close on ebay.

    Maybe a spreadsheet is exactly what is needed Thorn. Preferably printed in the New York Times.

    Of course none of our comments will be left undeleted Margie, that would be bad for business.

  9. I find of particular interest the graphic on the Hope for Adoption page. The headless pregnant torso is really a very good representation of how they view the manufacturers of their product, in my opinion.

  10. Now Theresa you know good and well all that is really needed to create a perfect “situation” is a belly and a 24 thousand dollar hoo hoo.

  11. Coco

    Mia, what’s really sad is I’m sure they’re already trying these things. It just depends on people reporting them whether or not they get left up.

    I recently reported a “question” on Yahoo Answers (where I go to indulge my masochistic side on occasion) wherein a woman posted that she “couldn’t afford to adopt through an agency” and invited expectant mothers to contact her directly, promising that “expenses” would be taken care of if they’d just hand over their newborn. I threw up a little in my mouth over that one.

  12. Seriously, the listings for pet adoption are more humane than those woman’s listings.

    That kind of stuff makes my stomach hurt.

    And it makes me hug my kids a little closer.

  13. Gross and disgusting.

    And don’t even get me started on the Minority Adoption Program.

  14. Mia, I can’t get to the first link in the post, the one in Facebook that Linda Gambino wrote. Could you ask her if it could somehow be cross-posted? Not sure how to do that in Facebook, but I’m sure there’s some way. Thanks!

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