Did She Just SAY THAT?!

Fast forward to about 1:45.

Between this and the video Claudia posted today of her interview with Montel “How Do I Get A Baby” Williams…. I have lost my faith in humanity.

Hopefully it’s a temporary condition.



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6 responses to “Did She Just SAY THAT?!

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry . . . or just get hysterical.

    Listen, Deborah Roberts (that’s her name, right?), if the woman is satisfied with dolls, then don’t even suggest adopting real children, for the love of!!


    “Would you like a doll or would you like to adopt a real live baby?”

    “Hmmmmm, could I think about that over the weekend and get back to you? And by the way, what’s the difference in price? Any specials for the real live babies?”

  2. Actually I think it was the idea of traveling internationally that soured her on the idea of adoption. What a nightmare security would be- having to stick all those dolls through the x-ray machine! ACK!

    Honestly Judy I can’t believe Roberts had the acorns to even SUGGEST adoption to someone who so clearly resides in the town of NUTville.

    There really should be a law.

  3. Oh my word.
    There was a woman in our old neighborhood who used to push an empty stroller every day. I can’t imagine anyone — even a reporter — asking her, “Hey, why don’t you get a real baby to put in there?!” Because the situation was clearly pathological and heartbreaking . . . like this one.
    The “but then I’d have to get on a plane . . .” response: Sure, lady, it isn’t because you aren’t okay, and it isn’t because a child would actually grow up (unlike a reborn) into her own person. It isn’t because you’ve (like so many) fetishized “baby” and forgot “person.”
    Maybe this kind of crazy can be like holding an extreme mirror up to mostly regular people who can’t see past the baby phase. Watching the reborns documentary could be good home study prep . . .

  4. mia

    You know it IS really sad and all snark aside I actually do feel for this woman. Clearly she is lacking some fairly important connections in her life. I didn’t see the same lonesome eyes in the other woman who collected all of the dolls. To her it seemed more of a beloved hobby instead of this woman here who seems to be trying to fill a deep sense of lack.

    “Fettished baby and forgot person”
    Wow, yes. A humbling thought provoking statement.

  5. British TV did a long show on these whackjobs–and in some cases their long suffering husbands. Then there was the woman who flew to the US to pick up her her baybee and she later found a small crack under the hair and returned it. The show is on YouTube.

  6. Lika

    I can’t believe Roberts had the acorns to even SUGGEST adoption to someone who so clearly resides in the town of NUTville.

    I can because I used to believe the “adoption is the greatest form of charity and love ever!” kool-aid that the rest of the society is still drinking. While I never articulated it as such, I thought those “unwanted children” would be so grateful to get even small crumbs from society, and that being adopted by a crazy lady would be better than not being adopted at all and living on the streets.

    Yeah, I’ve stopped thinking like that.

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