Dobson Jr.

Paragraphein brought this to my attention;

(Emhpasis is mine)

“His involvement with the pro-life movement is a natural–and not just because of Dobson’s Christian faith. He was adopted when he was 6 weeks old.”

“Many adopted children seek out their biological parents once they are old enough to do so legally. Dobson said he never has had the desire to find and meet his birth parents, chiefly because many such reunions, he believes, do not live up to expectations.”

“”I hear a lot of adopted kids talk about feeling that something is missing in life, about not being wanted. I say, ‘Do you understand the lengths parents go to adopt?'””

“The two local ministries rely strictly on private donations, refusing to take tax dollars or public funds to avoid being controlled by government restrictions.

” the local maternity home–which houses only teenagers–has had a nearly 40% adoption rate for residents since 1995 according to Doug Eberle, Executive Director. The reason? “The residents are not swayed by peer pressure, and they have almost constant counsel reminding them that their decision should be based on what’s in the best interest of the baby. Usually, when examined under the light of reality, they realize that adoption is the best choice for both them and the baby, based on where they happen to be in life.””

“If a pregnant teen does not choose adoption, then marriage should be considered as the other good option.”

I don’t even need to say anything. It just speaks for itself.



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  1. bluestokking

    As a former inmate in a maternity “home” I offer that such facilities are engineered towards adoption. Once you get locked up on there, the chances of getting out with your child are slim to non.

    Furthermore, research supports that mothers who are not sent away and locked up have a much higher rate of keeping their child.

    IMO, married or not, teenage or not, babies belong with their mothers and/or their natural family. Adoption should be a last resort.

    “young women who did not live in a maternity residence during some portion of their pregnancy had a predicted probabiliity of placing that was less than half of that of women who did live in such residences.” (p. 209)


    Namerow, P., Kalmuss, D., & Cushman, L. (1993). The determinants of young women’s pregnancy-resolution choices. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 3(2), 193-215.

  2. maybe

    Wow, stockholm syndrome in action.

    I think many of these people are afraid to search because they fear finding a mother who was coerced. What would that do to their sense of identity and place in the world? What if they find a mother who was, and still is, loving, secure, and an overall good person?

    They would be confronted with the fact that they truly did belong in another family, but ended up elsewhere due to human failing. A hard pill to swallow.

  3. Well, this doesn’t surprise me now that it all comes together. He’s been so adamantly pro-adoption over the years. It all makes sense now.

    Sadly, that is.

  4. Jeff

    Myths, Misconceptions, Lies or smoke and mirrors………hypocrisy at its finest hour.
    I would like to visit with Dobson Jr…….especially at a “family” reunion!

  5. Coco

    Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

    Do you understand the lengths parents go to adopt?’””

    Yes. We do understand.

    But people seeking to adopt to become parents must become aware, from day one, that the “adoption is for always/forever family/chosen child” myths are exactly that. Myths. A person who is adopted (note I did not use ADOPTED CHILD, which incorrectly infantizes adopted adults) is always connected, always, to another family, regardless of the level of contact.

    There’s always another family in adoption.

    It’s my belief that until this fact is recognized, embraced, and adoption is truly about children in need finding a home, versus adoptive families getting that baby they want, adoption (in the unfortunate majority of cases) will continue down its same currently broken and deluded path.

    This kind of scary philosophy just reinforces that for me.


  6. Gee, we should introduce him to Heidi Hess Saxton. What a team!

    Seriously, this is depressing. And for the record, Mr. Dobson, adopting wasn’t actually all that hard, so please don’t speak for me. It took a phone call, some paperwork, a few visits with a social worker, a review of our home, and the payment of fees. How anyone could compare that to the pain experienced on both sides of adoption loss is beyond me.

  7. Kippa

    “Gee, we should introduce him to Heidi Hess Saxton. What a team!”

    LOL !

  8. “Do you understand the lengths parents go to adopt?’””

    Yes, I do understand the lengths people go to take other people’s children. They even fight a mother in court after she’s revoked the adoption; and sometimes they move to another jurisdiction to get the away from the child’s mother and/or father–it’s simply amazing!

  9. Ah-ha.

    Now it all makes sense.

    I am adding Brother Dobson right alongside Brother Karl Rove on my Adoptees Who Need Healing campaign. Let’s all send healing thoughts to Little Jimmy and Little Karl.

  10. Kippa

    Little Jimmy himself wasn’t adopted, I don’t think.
    Unless you count the ‘everyone’s adopted adopted by God’ malarky.

    Check out the Family Dobson Christmas Jacket

    Truly weird.

  11. Yeah James wasn’t adopted, this post is about Ryan, James’ son. Ryan (Dobson Jr) is the one who was adopted.

    They’re both a little off-the-wall.

  12. Aha- thank you Kippa. Mea culpa. I didn’t read it carefully and though the quote was from Dr. Dobson himself.

  13. hey mia! it’s joanna – from philly! i saw you had linked me on your site and wanted to let you know that my url has changed. it’s now

    : )

  14. Hi,
    I’m a new reader to this blog. I just found this “Anti-Adoption” movement, and actually I find it a bit overwhelming. It’s a bit startling and a lot to take in. However, I’m trying to read as many blogs/articles on it to gather as much information as I can on this subject.

    I don’t mean to be argumentative but the comment above: “I am adding Brother Dobson right alongside Brother Karl Rove on my Adoptees Who Need Healing campaign.”

    What seems odd to me about this comment is that the two people you are talking about don’t seem to have any emotional scars, nor do they exhibit the bitterness that I notice in most “anti-adoption” advocates. Notably, the “anti-adoption” advocates are also usually the adoptees who have not found their answer, or have been rejected by their birth mothers when making contact.

    I wonder, would your attitudes on this subject be different if your contact with your birth mothers were greeted with warm welcomes?

    While I will agree with you that the adoption process is flawed, the “anti-adoption” movement seems to have overlooked a “niche” of people; the orphans who have no family records. This group of people have the most to benefit from adoption as there is almost no hope for them to re-unite with their families. What is the proposal of the “anti-adoption” movement on how to “deal” with these orphans? Since this movement wants to abolish adoption, what happens to these orphans with no family backgrounds?

    I am an adoptee with no family background whatsoever. It is not a matter of legal fight to get it, its a matter of it does not exist. I was given a birth date and a name (including family name) when I was 3-4 years old.

    If your movement were to be successful, I guess I would have to ask what would happen to all of the orphans such as myself? I guess this is the reason why I would have to fight against the “anti-adoption” movement with all of my heart.

    One other note that I would like to mention to the adoptees in the “anti-adoption” movement. I have yet to see any orphanage children or adults (who are still in or grew up in the system) in support of this movement. Have any of you noticed this? Did you ever stop to ask yourself why these people don’t support the “anti-adoption” movement? I think it is pretty simple.

    While I know the struggles and battles we face may seem insurmountable; and the easy answer might be to just eliminate what we believe to cause these struggles. However, I feel that the “anti-adoption” movement doesn’t seem to realize the full impact of what they are suggesting. Sure it prevents other adoptees from feeling the pains we do…but does it really? Where would you be right now if you were never adopted? I for one know I would be in an orphanage somewhere.

    No matter how bad we think we have it, there is always someone worse. Sure adoptees go through a lot and will always have identity struggles, but I guarantee you any orphan out there would gladly trade spots with you in an instant. At the same time, I highly doubt you would like being in their “shoes”.

    I would really like to hear anything you might have in rebuttal to my comments. The problem with blogs is posts and comments are only 1 sided! So please feel free to email me or comment on my blog about this!


  15. In My Seoul,

    My question to you is this. How do you know that you do not have any records? Are you absolutely sure that you do not have any? Maybe they changed your birth date. Maybe they changed the hospital or city that you were born in. That does happen even today. Indiana, my state of birth, has a long history of it. In fact, many states have that history. We have all learned not to believe adoption agencies. Do you really know why the records for adoptees and their families are sealed? It is NOT to protect the first parents, the adoptees, or even the adoptive parents. Its to protect the adoption agencies from the crimes that they committed against the mothers. Its the fraud that they continue to perpetrate on all of us.

    Yes my adoptive parents wanted me. I know that they went through hell. What about my choices and rights in adoption? I do not have any as they have been legislated away from me. I want the right to control my own destiny. I want my right to my original birth certificate restored to me. I am personally tired and angry at the lying, coercion, and just plain thievery of adoption.

  16. Hi In My Seoul,

    I’m not anti-adoption (and not all the other people replying to this thread are, either) so I don’t really want to talk for people who identify that way. What I am is pro-adoption reform, pro-family preservation. My personal belief is that adoption is sometimes needed. However, that doesn’t mean that all adoption is needed, and it doesn’t mean everything is fine with the adoption industry. Ryan Dobson chaps my hide, personally, because he advocates giving babies up for adoption even when it’s not necessary.

    As for people who do identify as anti-adoption… you should try reading some more of what they believe. It might surprise you. They’re not necessarily suggesting children grow up in orphanages. They’re not advocating for children to stay with abusive parents.

  17. mia

    Thanks Amy and Para for responding. I haven’t been able to access my computer much.

    I’ll try to respond in depth soon but honestly IMS, yours is a tired and very narrow perspective on a vast and complex subject. You have simplified, generalized and made so many assumptions in one single comment that it’s difficult to know where to begin!

  18. IMS don’t feel argumentative that you don’t understand my sense of humor, turn that frown upside down. Happy New Year~!

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