I had the most unnerving dream last night. I was standing in an empty room with white walls and only one door. My cousin walked through the door looking at me as if to warn me of something. A moment later my mom walked in. My mom was young and “hip” looking, wearing a jean jacket of all things (lol). She was sporting the gray hair she has always had but it was styled differently than I had ever seen it. Sort of an 80’s tight perm thing. Very odd for her.

I was, for obvious reasons, shocked to see her. So shocked in fact that I slid slowly down the wall and sat on the floor, staring at her wide eyed. She mimicked my actions, sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor opposite me. She didn’t speak which was making me very upset because it was obvious she had something to say.

Why are you here? Say SOMETHING!

My cousin turned to me and said “her vocal chords have been cut, as they always do to the body before burial”. I gave her this absurd look and told her that I had never heard such a thing and even if that were true one could tell just by looking at her that this wasn’t the actual body we buried sitting before us. So what gives?

I didn’t get my answer because at that moment my daughter fell out of bed in the other room and woke me up.

One would think it was simply the visit that was the message of the dream but the emphasis was definitely on the fact that she couldn’t speak, not that she didn’t.



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4 responses to “Dream

  1. Jeff

    Hi Mia,

    Strange dream! I know how that feels though. No matter how loud I scream right now, just falls on deaf ears. My vocal cords might as well be cut too…………. By the way, the “brief” has landed.



  2. mia

    Just sent you an email Jeff. I hear you. Hang in there!!!!!!

  3. In the rare instances I remember my dreams, it’s fun to check out this site:


  4. Oh Mia what an unsettling dream, especially the sliding down the wall mimicking you part.

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