Intellectual Curiosity NOT for Adoptees

I was sent this article written by Rabbi Shmuley which is entitled “Developing a Desire to Know”. In this article Rabbi Shmuley states “instilling a sense of intellectual curiosity is crucial for helping your child grow and thrive well into adulthood”.

A few months back I was flipping through stations and stopped on XM Radio. This Rabbi Shmuley schmuck happened to be on and the subject matter (adoption) immediately caught my attention.

Rabbi Shmuley mentioned that a young adoptee (I think he said she was 14) had come to him troubled about how much she thought about her biological parents and wondered if this was normal. I became infuriated when I heard him advise this poor girl to QUIT thinking about it. His superior advice was your typical run of the mill “the parents who raised you are your REAL parents” speech and blatantly told her to “quit thinking about it“. End of discussion.

That’s rich Rabbi Shmuley. RICH!

I guess intellectual curiosity can be added to the long list of things that simply do not apply to adoptees.



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2 responses to “Intellectual Curiosity NOT for Adoptees

  1. unsignedmasterpiece

    As everyone knows, when you are trying to keep people down – education is your enemy.

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