I Got It

Did anyone else happen to count how many times the phrase “get a baby” was used on the show Brothers and Sisters last night? Just curious if I am overly sensitive to this sort of rhetoric or if it really was used as obnoxiously often as it seemed. I found last weeks part regarding the “Dear Birthmother” letter to be equally nauseating.


There is really something to be said for the crisp, clean days of fall. The leaves are slowly changing this year. Winter seems in no real hurry to arrive.  Taking my queue from nature it’s nice to slow down and breathe for a while. I am back to believing that sitting on the porch with a cup of hot tea and watching the leaves change is incredibly important and productive. The boxes can wait.



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3 responses to “I Got It

  1. suz

    omg. i am so glad i dont watch that show anymore. not sure i could stomach it.

  2. I usually like the show but I had a hard time stomaching it last night.

    It just seems like every show I watch (even though they are few and far between) always end up doing some sort of really bad adoption cliche story line. Ugh.

  3. Libby

    I had to turn off the television when they were doing the “dear birthmother” letter stuff. Then I missed last week’s episode (sounds like thankfully). Last night’s was pretty good, I thought, and thankfully adoption-free.

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