It’s Just Stuff

We moved out East to be closer to family but because we didn’t know anything about the area we decided to rent for a while. As it happens we really fell in love not only with this area but also with this house. We have been here almost four years now which is really hard to believe.  So it was with great sadness that we learned (three days after my mom’s funeral no less) that our landlord SOLD our house. The timing couldn’t have been worse but I just keep telling myself everything happens for a reason. So this past month not only have I been consolidating and packing my parents house but I have had to do the same with OUR  house as well. Which coincidentally I hope further explains the lack of posts.

We had a yard sale recently to try and liquidate some things. It’s bad enough going through one household, let alone two. I actually did better than I thought I would selling some of my mom’s things but honestly most of it went into storage until I am in a better frame of mind to deal with it. Some of the stuff she accumulated over 64 YEARS of marriage though…..well, let’s just say it couldn’t all be kept. It went something like this…… “WTF?!”  “How many nut crackers does one person NEED????!!!!!”

I really was doing OK with the whole yard sale thing until someone picked up my mom’s old Sunbeam mixer. Of all the things I could have freaked about, but this rush of memories came flooding in; making Christmas cookies, more flour on her than in the bowl etc… It’s funny everyone always talked about how great her cookies were. I couldn’t understand how they came to that conclusion until I realized later in life that she always gave my dad and I all of the burned and broken ones, saving the good ones to give away as gifts. I was a grown woman before I found out she really COULD bake!

Anyway the lady picked up the mixer and asked me if it worked so we messed with it for a while until we figured out how to get the paddles secured and we gave it a whirl. It still worked famously.

She asked me how much I wanted for it and I said ten dollars (which really was a steal). As she handed me the ten bucks I began to have SERIOUS second thoughts. I know she thought I was nuts standing there on the verge of tears over a stupid mixer so I had to tell her why I was having trouble letting go of it. She was so sweet. She asked me what my mom’s name was and promised me every time she used it she would ask my mom for help because she wasn’t the best baker in the world and could really use all the help she could get. How amazing is that? Sometimes out of the blue like that people can give you such a renewed belief in humanity.

She made me feel a lot better but I’ll tell you my uber fancy and completely over priced Kitchen Aid mixer just doesn’t hold the same wonder as it did before I sold that old Sunbeam.



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3 responses to “It’s Just Stuff

  1. Ohhhh, that is so sweet.

    What a difficult time for you, Mia. More and more *hugs*, my friend.

  2. I’m teary. I can’t even imagine — but I’m glad the buyer *got it.* I’m sure she will think of your mom every time she uses it.

    Mia, I am so sorry you have so much to deal with at the same time.

  3. Amyadoptee

    When my Dad died, I got his wedding band, a Fed Ex Ground workshirt, and of all things his Indiana t shirt. My daughter took his wedding band to school. It is now forever gone. Those shirts will have to fall off my shoulders in shreds. I have one of his coffee cups too. I guard it like its my most prized possession. My mom still hasn’t gotten rid of all his things.

    I am so sorry that you have had all of this hell. It can’t get any worse. That is what they tell me. All I know is that the pain does ease. It is still always there but it does ease in time. I am thinking of you.

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