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Please Note: I am amending my previous comment. I do NOT recommend using the NCF registry!!! First off there is no place to plug in search criteria, not even a gender! That may be OK now when there are only 3 pages to look through, but it will be completely impractical and downright maddening when there are a hundred pages of listings. Second, and most important they list your name, email, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER for all the world to see. This is NOT a good idea! Not good at all. If you have any question as to WHY this isn’t a good idea email me and I will explain.

If you want to see a properly run registry check this one out. It’s for Colorado only but you will get the idea. Extremely dedicated women spend hours ensuring this registry runs smoothly. For free I might add. They take the time to do the work themselves to ensure the safety and accuracy of every possible match. Because they care.


I received the email below from a woman at The National Crittenton Foundation while I was out of town which is why I am just getting around to posting it. Upon opening the email their logo sucker punched me straight away.

The Crittenton Foundation logo states:

Empowering girls, young women and their families since 1883

Oh. My. GOD.

Initially I wanted to throw something, spit nails. I scared the crap out of my dogs by letting out a gut wrenching scream. The irony just kills me. I mean where do these institutions get off? I would have rather gone swimming in an alligator infested pond than give Catholic Charities one dime but they alone held hold my history captive and so I paid for what little of MY information they chose to divulge. When I think of FCH I do NOT get the warm fuzzies. More like the vomitrocious creeps. But until we achieve open records we are at the mercy of the very institutions that facilitated our familial demise (often with extremely manipulative tactics), institutions that continue to support the imprisonment of our history. Sucks, but there you have it.

This appears to be a free registry (golly gee thanks) and although I know registries are largely unsuccessful I guess a persons gotta’ do what a persons gotta’ do. This probably isn’t the post they would have liked to see but this is the post they are getting. Good luck to all FCH searchers. Roll the dice….what have you got to loose? Wait, don’t answer that.

Nuff’ said. Here ya’ go;

Hello Mia—I thought you and/or your readers would be interested in this service.



Contact: Leslie Carlson, (503) 805-5560,

Jeannette Pai-Espinosa, (503) 297-2217,


(Portland, Oregon)— The National Crittenton Foundation—the first charitable organization in the U.S. to be established by Congressional charter—announced the launch of Crittenton Connections today, a web-based service to help connect people looking for birth parents, adult adoptees or other family members. The service can be accessed via The Foundation’s website at under the “Crittenton Legacy” page.

Crittenton Connections was created in response to the calls and emails received by the Crittenton family of agencies and The National Crittenton Foundation from people looking for a family member. The service enables individuals who were involved at any point with a Crittenton agency (parents, children and family members) to post their contact information and to search for individuals who have also input information into the database.

“Most people who recognize the Crittenton name think of the hidden maternity homes of the past, and yet today Crittenton agencies across the country provide a wide array of services to a diverse population of vulnerable girls, young women and their families,” said Jeannette Pai-Espinosa, President of The National Crittenton Foundation. “While many things have changed we understand that there are many family members who continue to search for each other. Through Crittenton Connections we hope to provide a resource for those who were connected to the Crittenton family of agencies.”

While unveiling Crittenton Connections, The National Crittenton Foundation has also launched a blog at The first blog posting focuses on the movie Juno and adoption. In the future, the blog will feature topics related to the empowerment of girls, young women and their families living in at risk situations.

The National Crittenton Foundation currently supports the work of over 24 Crittenton agencies throughout the country. These agencies have provided over 2,226 years of continuous service, assisted over 5 million girls and have been serving their communities an average of 109 years. The Foundation works to support the empowerment and self-sufficiency of at-risk and system-involved girls, young women and their families. For more information, visit



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8 responses to “Crittenton Registry

  1. I really dithered about what to do with the press release when I got it. I finally wrote her and said she could post it to Open Adoption Support since it’s a resource that people might want to know about. But yeah, squicksville.

  2. Mia

    The worst part Dawn is that the registry itself is not at all efficient. There’s three pages now but when there are 100 it will be a dreadful process for the searcher. Sighhhhhhh……..

  3. “hidden maternity homes of the past”? No so past, I think.

    Now, some legislator is going to get this and think “Gee, only good stuff happens in adoption now.”

    I’d like to ask them what their lobbying efforts are for open records. If they’re not working to change the law, their registry really is just lip service.

  4. Jeff


    I can’t believe the odasity of some people. It’s unbelieveable. It’s way beyond “lip service”…’s a bandaid over a bullet hole wound….and a big bullet at that. I guess “these people” still consider us naive. Sorry you had to come back to that.

    Later, Jeff

  5. Mia do you know the owners of the Colorado registry? Maybe someone could contact them and let them know their site has been flagged by Google as containing adware code. It’s probably something being pushed to their site by an advertiser or their webhost and they might not even know it. I feel bad for them.

  6. Mia

    I saw that too. I’ll let them know. Thanks Theresa!

  7. Thanks for running our press release with information about the Crittenton Connections registry. While there is indeed currently a search function for the database–based on your feedback, we understand that it is not doing the job, and will make changes to create a tool that is more useful to people searching for family members as the database gets bigger.

    The registry is a response to the phone calls received by us and our family of agencies—instead of trying to deal with these calls arbitrarily, we’re working to develop a system that in some way can assist in connecting adult adoptees, birth parents and family members.

    While for most of our 125 year history we placed a priority on keeping mothers and babies together–we are very aware that there was a period of time when this was not true and that not all young women who came through the doors of Crittenton agencies/homes had a positive experience. We are in no way attempting to minimize the damage, loss or pain–or to try to make amends. But rather, we want to provide support as we can–as such, we welcome your suggestions and those of others.

    I do want you to know that we do respect your perspective and will not just write it off. Perhaps there is little solace in this, but Crittenton homes did learn from those years, and today the Crittenton agencies look very different as do the young women with which they work–but the cornerstone they share is the passionate belief that young women must make their own decisions for themselves and their children. Thank you for taking the time to making suggestions that will help us do a better job.

    Jeannette Pai-Espinosa

  8. Amyadoptee

    I got this too. I debated whether or not to post it. I spoke with two friends of mine about this. I chose not to publish it. Mainly it has to do with a former maternity home. It is a good idea but I question the motives of the people running it. I have not heard bad things per se about their efforts in reconnecting adoptees with their families. I do know that they treated the mothers horribly. I would also like to know what the Crittendon home’s position on adoptee rights as well.

    I also appreciate that they do take ownership in their responsibility of their actions towards the mothers.

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