How Do We Care For Our Old?

“In our civilization, which is totally identified with the outer and ignorant of the inner dimension of spirit, the word OLD has mainly negative connotations. It equals useless and so we regard it as almost an insult to refer to someone as old. To avoid  the word, we use euphemisms such as elderly and senior. The First Nation’s “grandmother” is a figure of great dignity. Today’s “granny” is at best cute. Why is old considered useless? Because in old age, the empasis shifts from doing to Being, and our civilization, which is lost in doing, knows nothing of Being. It asks:Being? What do you do with it?”

ANE by Tolle

Maybe it’s because  I am overly sensitive to  bureaucratic,  red tape wielding, zero accountability, profit-mongers.  Being enmeshed in adoption schmoption can do that to a person. Or maybe I  am just overly sensitive to the dark side of humanity and possibly overreacting? Regardless, I would really love for  someone  to explain to me why we  have  allowed  the elder care industry to turn into a giant profit-monger machine sailing right alongside the adoption industry? And smooth  sailing at that!

Somebody  please explain to me how it is possibly  OK  to  charge a family SIX FIGURES to provide their  parents  with  decent  care? How is that even REMOTELY OK? How has charging  six figures (some I have looked into were in upwards of 150,000- $180,000 per year) for assisted  living become  ethical? Here is just one example and not even  the worst!; $250.00 just to fill out the application. $6,000 to get in the door. They attach themselves to ANY AND ALL assets your parents worked their entire lives for and THEN charge $250.00 PER DAY PER PERSON for the privilege of residence. All services such as laundry, tv, phone and haircuts are extra of course. I guess in their defense I should mention that they do have a pool. And a  library. And puzzles. Lots and lots of pretty puzzles.

Of course I have found homes that are less expensive.  Charmers they are, filled with the delightful fragrance of Odor de Pee. Residents sitting in wheelchairs drooling mercilessly with not so much as a look, let alone a  tissue from the aids chatting behind the desk. With such lack of stimulation it wouldn’t take long for ME to start drooling in a place like that and I can tell you it wouldn’t be from the tantalizing smell of strained peas wafting out of the kitchen.

The worst part? Many of the nicer homes I have looked into are Christian based…as in the brochure literally reads “We are doing God’s work”. Ladies and Gentlemen…….GOD COSTS!

As it turns out I simply cannot afford to provide God for my parents. As it turns out all I can provide them with is some cheezy, lesser version of God. Like a velvet Jesus painting sold by some guy on a street corner out of the back of his van. And it hurts DEEPLY to know that all I can afford to give my parents is a velvet Jesus.

Birth and death = BIG MONEY people! We have sat back and allowed the exploitation of the two most sacred aspects of human existence. Yea Us.


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