Feed Readers Ruining Blogging Experience

When I began my  blog back in 06′ I had no idea how instrumental it would  be in my adoption/reunion journey. I belonged to a few online groups and even assisted moderating for a long while. Groups are nice  because  the audience is limited so they  provide a more intimate and safe setting for discussion than opening  up to the world such as one does on a blog. But blogging has it’s own unique  benefits. I think many  of these benefits though are being lost by the use of  feed readers.

I remember the first comments I received  on this  blog. I was blown away that complete strangers  would want to hear what I had  to  say.  It was validating and healing in a million  different ways. Here you are putting your soul out  there and out of the blue someone shows up to support  you. That is a beautiful thing.

Even  those who left  derogatory  comments were  appreciated because  it usually led to some sort  of meaningful dialogue. It is a pretty great feeling when you are able to  help  someone see the other side of a subject  you are passionate about, a perspective they  may  not have considered  before. I have  certainly gained perspective by listening to others as well. That is how the  worlds are changed.

No one could contest to the fact that internet technology has improved our lives. It has enabled us to communicate with people oceans apart. I personally have made friends I now  find indispensable in my  life. I have  friends met through the internet that I am closer  to than anyone in the family I was adopted into and most certainly closer to anyone in my natural family. Although  that is by  their choice not mine but that’s another story.

The point is it’s the COMMUNICATION that makes  blogging beneficial. The interaction with one another is what creates the bonds and helps the healing. I don’t necessarily believe anymore that one can ever fully recover from the wounds created  by adoption but some measure of healing CAN take place and blogging definitely helps with  that. It just seems now everyone  is  using  readers more and commenting less. Unless  a post  is particularly controversial of course ;o). I am completely guilty of this myself. I read much more with my  reader (good) but comment less and less (bad) .

I don’t plan to blog  for much  longer (which I will write about another day) but I just wanted to humbly and yes, hypocritically say; directly communicating with one another is worth the effort. I hope those who carry  the adoption blogging torch in the future will consider how vital direct communication is. Without it you lose one of the most valuable aspects of the blogging experience- the forming of friendships.



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15 responses to “Feed Readers Ruining Blogging Experience

  1. Directly communicating this:


    to respond to this line: “I don’t plan to blog for much longer “

  2. I would very much miss your blog. 😦

  3. Holy smokes, don’t even think of it! And although I’m the last person who should say this, given how unable I am to keep up and therefore comment regularly – I am completely with you. It’s the DIALOG that makes blogging fun, not the blogging. For me, anyway.

    You stay put, we need you here.

  4. I would miss your blog, too and you’re right — I should comment more often on blogs I read to let them know I appreciate them.

  5. Thank you all. This is exactly what I’m talking about. It just makes you FEEL the love and connection. SO important. So so important.

    I will write soon about quitting SG, I promise. Right now just trying to keep my head above water. I have a lot going on from all directions. I will miss it too but please know I would NEVER lose touch with ANY of you. You are far too important to me.

  6. You’re so spot on with this, Mia. As I’ve mentioned before, you were amongst the very first to reach out to me when I first started blogging. I will never forget your graciousness, your open arms and your willingness to communicate with me – someone you didn’t even know!

    I have been very, very guilty of not communicating with others as I should and would like to. You have inspired me to genuinely re-examine why I started blogging in the first place.

    It sounds as if you have a lot on your plate. . .big hugs to you and positive thoughts coming your way.

    PS – Still hope that we can connect this summer IRL. 🙂

    Much love,

  7. I would love that Paula! Do you have some idea when you will be down? If you email me when you know I would love to make that happen.

  8. Elizabeth

    I’m not sure what a feed reader is, and I don’t think I want one. I guess I’m not very high tech.

    Your blog was one of the first I found.

    I would miss checking in here if you left 😦

  9. mia


  10. (((((((((((((((((((Mia))))))))))))))))))
    I so know what you mean.
    For adoptees – I think it also has to do with the ups and downs of the emotional rollercoaster that we live on – and sometimes it feels easier to hide behind a feed reader – and sometimes – for me – I don’t know if what I have to say would be important enough.
    Bloody insecurities!!!!!
    I love you. I would miss you in blogland if you go. But do understand that need – and will find other means to keep in touch with you.
    Please don’t delete your blog though – it’s too important. It’s needed.
    Good post. Once again – you hit the nail………..
    Poss. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. mia

    I hear you Possum. Sometimes it is easier to stay in the background. Sometimes I don’t have the emotional energy to participate in conversation either. It can be very draining if you are on the uphill part of the rollercoaster.

  12. Elizabeth

    Mia are you giving out your password, or is that post just for your eyes only?


  13. Hey! How’s it going? I hope it’s not being rude to ask this but may I have your password?
    It’s ok to say no. Nobody has the password on my secret adoptee blog so i get it. 🙂

  14. And I hope you don’t stop blogging either, in fact, I wish you would blog more.

    I heart you.

  15. If possible – can I also have the password??
    If not – no probs.
    (I’m just a kid – who can’t stand not being able to open the present to see what’s inside – KWIM!!)
    Thinking of you.

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