Help for Adoptee Birthright Bill NJ

Dear Friends,

The Adoptees’ Birthright Bill is assigned to the Assembly Human Services
Committee, where we have the support of most of the members of that committee.
The chair is a strong supporter, a true champion of adoptees’ rights to know the
truth of our origins.

For a bill to be posted in committee, the Speaker of the Assembly has to
approve its being heard.

The Speaker also has the prerogative of deciding whether the bill is posted for a vote
by the full Assembly.

Because of the huge number of bills filed, the M.O. of the NJ Legislature
is that bills allowed to be heard in committee are generally expected to be
released from committee to the floor; and bills posted for a floor vote
are expected to pass.

Since we have such strong support on the committee, as well as in the Assembly
at large, the major decision to be made will be by Assemblyman Joe Roberts
(D-Camden), Speaker of the Assembly.

We would like Asm. Roberts to receive 100 letters either by email, hard copy or
even handwritten, postmarked by June 1, week from this coming Sunday. This
deadline is critical because of the legislative calendar which has one more
meeting of the Human Services Committee before the legislators break for the
summer. There are voting days between June 12 and the end of the month, which
could possibly allow the bill, if posted and released on the 12th, to move forward.

Would you please make every effort to write a personal letter, no longer than a
single page (however you send it), to

Assemblyman Joe Roberts, Speaker of the Assembly
Brooklawn Shopping Plaza,
Rt. 130 South & Browning Rd.
Brooklawn, NJ 08030

Please refer to the bill as the Adoptees’ Birthright Bill rather than by number.
There are several bills and what is likely to come out is a “committee
substitute” which will have elements of each of the bills.

If you write your letter on the computer, would you kindly send a copy of it to
me at :-). Please email it to me AFTER emailing it off
to the Speaker if that is how you send your message. If you send it by snail
mail (which I think will have more impact just because so much of today’s
communication is done electronically), please just cut-and-paste or attach a
copy of your letter to an email addressed to me.

Many, many thanks, friends. And if you have friends in the Camden region
who are sympathetic to our cause, please ask them to write as well.

In hope,




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2 responses to “Help for Adoptee Birthright Bill NJ

  1. Julie McCoy

    Are you looking for letters from New Jersey adoptees or any adoptee willing to share a personal story? As a Massachusetts adoptee, I just gained access to my ABC in April, due to the recent change in law. It was a good thing, and my birth family is happy to hear from me. I’m happy to put that in a snail mail…..

  2. Hi Julie,

    I believe Pam would like everyone to send letters of support regardless of the state in which they live.


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