Madonna happy to be “guinea pig” in adoption case

“Up until this time there wasn’t an adoption law, so consequently I’m sort of the template or the role model, so to speak, for future adoptions,” she told a news conference.

Oh LORD help us. A scary, dark day when we use Madonna as a role model for adoption reform.



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8 responses to “A ROLE MODEL?!

  1. Coco

    Mia, I’m sure you alre read where she compared her “ordeal” with adoption (what with the paparrazzi and mean people who didn’t acknowledge her sainthood and all) to childbirth. I mean, really, this has just been so painful for her. (Gag)

    Yeah. I about choked on my own tongue when I read THAT.

  2. Someone needs to shut that woman up, so that I can retain my memories of someone I adored as a twentysomething intact.

  3. mia

    I was torn about which quote to post because I didn’t have much time. The whole “pregnant” part was the other I considered. Yuck.

    I HEAR you Theresa! I actually love her as a performer.

  4. … Madonna?

    The “role model” for adoption reform?

    You’re kidding me about that article, right?!

  5. Mia

    I wish I were Mei-Ling. I wish I were.

  6. The… irony of that article strikes me so much that I can’t stop laughing. Seriously.

    Madonna, for adoption reform? Oh dear god someone help me breathe. That’s just… I don’t even have the *words* for it.

  7. kim kim

    It makes me cringe when anyone compares adoption to giving birth. There is nothing else to say, you all said it all so well.
    Stupid woman, her and Sharon Stone, stupid awful women….

  8. mia

    They certainly don’t seem to “get it”, do they Kim?

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