Safe Haven Rides The Bus

My husband saw a banner ad for PA Safe Haven on the side of a bus this morning. Isn’t that kind of silly? I mean considering everyone knows single pregnant girls can’t read because they’re too strung out. Not to mention the fact they are most likely riding the bus, not driving next to it. But whatever floats their boat I guess. What they SHOULD do is leave pamphlets in pizza parlors. Oh, wait, adoption agencies already have that angle covered.

Skoff, snort.

So this is what the ad said:

“Not ready to be a mom?”

“Afraid to tell anyone you’re pregnant?”

“Don’t know what to do with the baby?”

“We can help you – by promoting irresponsibility, perpetuating secrecy and shame while simultaneously supporting our major desire to feel morally superior to you and even to your child when they become an adult. It’s a win for ALL! Yea US!”

OK, it didn’t really say that stuff after “we can help you” but it might as well have.

I wonder how much that bus ad set their budget back? The PA DPW website states; “Since 2003, four newborns have been relinquished at hospitals under the Safe Haven of Pennsylvania program. All four babies have been adopted.”

That’s right folks…..FOUR…..since 2003. All I can say is thank goodness it was only four. Why? Because that would be four completely rational women who were of right mind enough to take advantage of the freebie and I’m glad there weren’t more. These were four women who were nowhere near crazy enough to go the dumpster route. Crazy people who stick their kids in dumpsters don’t have the mental capacity to CHOOSE a more compassionate solution. They are crazy. But SANE people CAN make a compassionate and responsible choice. What those four women should have been taught is that dumping your baby ANYWHERE is neither compassionate nor responsible!

I am quite sure the complete IRONY of this will not escape my fellow bastard brothers and sisters. The front page of the Safe Haven of PA website reads:

Hush little baby!

We won’t say a word.

How rich. And how TRUE! Some of the most outspoken supporters of Safe Haven continue to contest open records, treating us like babies and telling us to hush.

“We won’t say a word.” So true, so true.

It makes me furious that our tax money continues to go toward programs that promote social ignorance, irresponsibility and outdated stigmas. Money that could go toward programs to assist these young women!

An ad on the side of a bus. Really people! It kind of gives a whole new meaning to that song doesn’t it?

“The baby on the bus goes wah wah wah and the momma on the bus goes shhh shhh shhh……”



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3 responses to “Safe Haven Rides The Bus

  1. Even the registered domain is repulsive –

  2. Mia! I thought of you guys when I just read this:

    maybe you and your crew could make an awesome commercial about adoptee rights 🙂

  3. Yea T, pretty repulsive.

    Very cool idea! Wouldn’t that be something if we could have a commercial? Wow.
    My life is turned upside down right now but still something I will give some thought to. Thanks for letting us know about it and also about Bloggers Unite Day!!!

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