What a weekend! I feel like I was run over by a truck. Twice.

We are in crisis mode with my parents. Both are elderly and in very different places regarding what kind of care they need. My dad has Alzheimer’s which seems to be progressing more rapidly these days. My mom’s needs are more physical. She has hip replacement surgery coming up but in the meantime can barely get around. Trying to meet their care needs is challenging since they happen to need such vastly different types of assistance.

I sat down with my neighbor last night to go over my parents situation. He does this senior care thing for a living. He informed us that the long term care insurance my parents have been paying on for four decades is absolutely worthless. Which really pisses me off. You wonder how some people sleep at night.

To even get them in the door of a decent facility around here it costs around 200,000….EACH. Which leaves us in a position to either accommodate them here at our home (which would mean major renovations for our home and large amounts of Prozac for me), exhaust their finances on a home health care nurse and see how far it takes us, OR (and I am leaning toward this option) move to Aruba and drown out the fact that I even have parents with rum drinks served in very large coconuts.

Saturday we piled the kids in the van to go and visit my parents. On the highway the electrical system started going crazy so we pulled off at the next exit to try and find a service station. Just as we approached a rediculously busy intersection it died completely. It happened to stop just shy of the underground mechanism that makes the light cycle so it didn’t take long for a ton of cars to back up.

Here’s a question for you: Why is it people will stupidly pull up behind your vehicle when your hazards are ON and the hood UP and STILL get totally annoyed that you aren’t moving? Like you are totally putting them out by making them simply go around you. You have absolutely RUINED their day! As though my day were going splendidly.

An officer showed up and sat behind us until the tow truck arrived which was great. Not only was he extremely kind but he was incredibly H.O.T.. I stuttered like a teenager hot. That really helped make the time pass and eased my husbands nerves by laughing at me acting the fool.

Wherever we are going, even if it’s around the corner, my kids have to pack like we’re going on a trip to Wally World. DS’s, pens, paper, books, stuffed animals, pillow……oh for the love of……it’s less than an hour away!!!!  So when the tow truck arrived we all piled out like a clown car at the circus with all of this CRAP loaded up in our arms which then made the cop laugh. I’m glad everyone was having so much fun.

Yesterday was spent cleaning out our garage to get ready for the neighborhood yard sale next weekend. I really should have taken pictures of our garage before we began. It was Oprah-special-on-freaky-people-with-hoarding-addiction full. It looks amazing now though. I am FAR less sentimental than I was a year ago. I now have a much better grasp on what constitutes a family heirloom. Antique beveled mirror? Yes. String necklace made of stale Cheerios? Not so much.

Except for hanging clothes and pricing we are ready for the sale. I cannot think of a better way to spend my Mothers Day than having people try to talk me down from 50 cents to a quarter for four hours straight. I think I will just go bargain hunting myself and leave the negotiations to The Man. I will have to hide my treasures when I get home though or he will just price them and stick them back out at our yard sale.

So that was my weekend. Oh, did I forget to mention that everyone in the house except me seems to have acquired pink eye? Yep, they are all home today. It’s whiny butt central around here and as you can see by reading this post even without pretty pink eyes I am no exception.



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6 responses to “TGIM

  1. As my father would say, “But other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

  2. The play would have been fabulous if it hadn’t been for all of those annoying little distractions.

    Have you seen my nephew in that commercial where he brings beer to the opera? Your comment reminded me of that. He’s the one with the beer in his jacket. If I didn’t know better I would think he and I shared the same DNA.

  3. Wow, Mia. Just — wow.
    I’ll write you in Aruba!!! 🙂

  4. You are such a good friend Abebech. I will write you back on those days when I am not surrounded by empty coconuts.

  5. That’s so odd, we had a pink eye epidemic last month here too and I was the only one spared.

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