Ohio Help Needed Tomorrow!

Reposted from Dawn’s Blog

From Marley:

Another hearing for Sub HB 7 is scheduled for the House Health Committee tomorrow at 4 PM in Room 017 of the Ohio State House. l We need further testimony in support of returning obc access to the bill, which was recently stripped of all access language. All reference to access was removed, although no public testimony was given against obc access.

We specifically need testimony from Ohio bmothers and adoptees from the sealed and secret years 1964-1996.

Please take a minute to write letters to the committee, submit testimony to Kara Joseph for distribution to the committee. If possible, please come to the Statehouse to testify in person–or just give us support. The Health Committee needs to see that Ohioans support adoptee rights!

See last week’s action alert for details of tomorrow’s hearing: http://bastardette.blogspot.com/2008/04/betsie-norris-from-adoption-network.htm

Go here for talking points. http://bastardette.blogspot.com/2008/04/ohio-buckeys-for-equal-access-action.html

Also see the BEA page for background and lots of links about Ohio adoptee rights (or lack thereof) : http://www.myspace.com/beaohio

Due to opposition leader Matt Huffman’ extreme animosity towards me, (I didn’t do anything to him–really!) it is counter productive for me to testify before the committee. Submitted testimony is just about finished for Buckeyes for Equal Access. Unfortunately, most of our members are not in the Columbus are and cannot come to the hearing. If someone could read it person, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be at the hearing, however, and will be available for questions.



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2 responses to “Ohio Help Needed Tomorrow!

  1. Marley isn’t all that optimistic but hey, miracles happen, right???

  2. They sure do! Every single day. My fingers are crossed.

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