I Think…

….that song (post below) was written by a mother who relinquished her child. Although I can see an adoptee having written it too. It’s accuracy is haunting.



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2 responses to “I Think…

  1. Cath

    Thanks for that – what a beautiful song.

    My son and I are reunited and are of Irish descent.

    I have posted this to my son who will really appreciate its meaning. It could have been written about us.

    My son fell in love with a British girl on a temporary work visa in Canada.

    She could not stay in Canada, so he moved to the UK to be with her.

    He was only planning on staying in the UK long enough to get his girlfriend sorted for immigration to Canada – about 18 months.

    However, he was thinking of me – and I was thinking of him.

    I didn’t know he had moved to the UK – but somehow I knew he was nearby – I just can’t explain it. I found him not long after he had moved to the UK.

    He extended his stay to 4 years so we could get to know each other. I showed him all sorts of places in the UK, particularly places that had importance and meaning in our family.

    My son also made a number of trips to Ireland – it meant a lot to him to find his roots.

    He loves the sea – imagine his excitement to find out that his great great grandfathers had sailed tea clippers (like the Cutty Sark in Greenwich which we visited) – or that his great grand uncle had been a harbour master in Ireland.

    In the end, he found it hard to leave but I pointed out that he had put his plans on hold long enough for me and that I didn’t want him to resent me for fear of hurting my feelings. I told him that I wanted him to be happy and that would only happen when he immigrated to Canada with his girlfriend. He realised I was right.

    I helped him with his application for immigration for his girlfriend, acting as a witness (which I was allowed to do as I am not legally recognised as a relative). The application was a success and they have since moved to Canada.

    I do miss him a lot but he calls me once a month without fail and we e-mail when something of interest comes up in between.

    I can hear the happiness in his voice that his plans in Canada are going well. There is also a contentment from knowing what was once unknown.

    We have both found peace.

  2. mia

    That’s beautiful Cath!!!

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