A New Earth

I have decided to participate in the web event on Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. It is hosted by Oprah and because of that I have to admit my first thought was not to join. I know, I know….Oprah does a lot of good. But after years of virtually begging her to take a look at the damaging side of adoption and airing it on her show I have become discouraged with her seeming desire for ratings outweighing the less “popular” issues being brought to light. However my like for Tolle’s message took over and I am so glad it did. I even have a new found sense of gratitude for Oprah for helping bring this message to the world in a way only Oprah can.

Not only is the book absolutely fabulous but the podcast was as well. It airs every Monday evening and who wouldn’t appreciate a great reason to love Mondays? The message boards are interesting too although you have to wade through a lot of self- riotous ego talk to get to the gems. But we are all pretty good at that by now aren’t we?

It’s not to late! You can still join and even view the podcast from this past Monday. Hope to see you there!



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2 responses to “A New Earth

  1. Absolutely!!! (we don’t have to tell your parents you’re here – lol). Anytime you’re free! 🙂 PS when is that conference thing??

  2. gwendolyn


    How are you? How is your art? You often come to my mind and every now and again I drop in to check in on what you are finding facinating. I’ve not done much blogging of late….too busy interacting with the world…and when this happens I need less time to go within…ponder…reflect…or to find meaning. The time will come again though…for reflection…it is that loop we travel…like the cirlce of our breath…the ease of breathing in and the push of breathing out…the doing…and the being…

    Tolle’s book is great. I read it several months ago…marked up the margins and underlined the hell out of it…now I am moving through it again…slowly…2 or 3 pages at a time at night before I go to sleep. What I love about Eckhart is the sureness of his voice and the knowing in his message. What would interest me greatly is to hear into his heart and to observe him in his environment when things get sticky…or doubtful…or challenging. What does the application of these knowings of his look like in motion? Oh, I have an idea of it…but for me I have often found as much value in seeing the human vulnerability in others as I have in seeing and sharing their strengths. I suppose he shares much of this in his first book The Power of Now when he shares his life and how he came to recognize the importance of now, being in the moment, and understanding how we think into being our own limitations. I see these as the stones that he skipped to for safety and inspiration that lie in a river that travels on a great current. I want to know more about what happens between the stones of “A-Ha” and “Yes!” It keeps it all practical in a sense for me. I like to know how to apply it in a way that translates in between walking the dog, getting up for work, struggling to make the bills this month, loving my father as he loses his sense of things through demensia, wrestling with regret, or holding my grand daughter.
    In a sense I guess the time for internal dialogue is closer than I imagined. Perhaps the time for me to pick up the paint brush again is near as well.

    I’d love to hear from you…wonder how you are doing and which stone you have skipped to on your own swift currented river.


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