Voice of Adoptees

 I have not had the opportunity to check into this at all so this is not a personal endorsement. However I was asked by Gloria to pass on the information for your consideration. I look forward to reading more, it sounds interesting.


Contact: Gloria Oren

Tel. 425/746-5826

Cell phone: 425/445-5382

Email: Gloria.oren@gmail.com

Call for submissions: poetry, stories, articles and reunion news

Voice of Adoptees: the Newsletter that Gives Adoptees a Voice

Gloria Oren, a reunited adoptee, grew up under the umbrella of secrecy. She saw the need for a place where adoptees could share their experiences through poetry, story and more. That led to the birth of Voice of Adoptees (VOA) Newsletter, a monthly ezine with a related Website and Blog.

VOA will arrive in your Inbox on the third Tuesday of each month, with the first issue due out on Feb 19th. Submission deadlines will be the first Tuesday of each month. The deadline for the first issue is will be Feb 5th. For more information see http://voiceofadoptees.com/voa.html

Adoptees who have pieces accepted for publication will receive a byline and a bio of up to five lines, if desired. In addition, guest articles from non-adoptees on adoption theme topics for the newsletter are welcome. Send submissions to submissions@voiceofadoptees.com

Visit http://voiceofadoptees.com . The site offers a range of pieces shared by adoptees (poems, stories, and articles), search tips, information on National Adoption Month, and many links.

Also visit VOA’s Family Connections Blog at

and VOAs MySpace at

If you’d like more information about VOA, or to schedule an interview with Gloria Oren, please call Gloria at 425/445-5382 or email Gloria at gloria@voiceofadoptees.com


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