Thoughts going through my mind right now are not pouring onto the page with any sort of order or sense. I have written and deleted a thousand words. I mean how do you say the things you want to say to someone you have never met but whom you love all the same? Everything comes out sounding shallow and senseless.

You know I began blogging to make some sense of my journey, to gain insight into a very confusing and difficult part of my life. Along the way I have been able to accomplish that to some degree but I unexpectedly gained something FAR more important. I gained friends. And not just any friends… I have truly met some of the most incredible, strong, brilliant, courageous and REAL women on Earth. Women who know exactly how important a strong sense of Self is even if they have a million questions to ask the world around them.

Judy you are one of those women. You have always come offering me support and encouragement regardless of how difficult my own issues happened to be to you on a personal level. On occasion I have needed long breaks from blogging but as soon as I dusted the cobwebs off of my keyboard you have always been one of the first to welcome me back by leaving yet another supportive and encouraging comment.

I wish there was something really substantial I could offer YOU in the way of support and encouragement right now. I wish I could….I don’t know…… maybe hold your hand or bring you food, or I could make you a cup of hot tea and just sit with you. One of the downsides of blogger friends is that we are all so geographically spread apart that offering the kind of support we would often like to isn’t always possible. Just know my friend that from what I can see there is an entire boatload of those incredible, strong, brilliant, courageous and real women cheering on the incredible, strong, brilliant, courageous and real woman that you are!
(Everyone please visit the link above)

I know it shouldn’t but sometimes it takes something frightening to get us to tell one another how we really feel. Many of you I have met, many I hope to meet some day but all of you are an irreplaceable part of my journey and I am honored to know each and every one of you. I’m sorry for not saying that nearly as much as I should.

Judy thank you for being a part of my journey. I have no doubt that if anyone can kick cancer’s ass ….YOU CAN!

I love you.



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3 responses to “Judy

  1. I wish there was something really substantial I could offer YOU in the way of support and encouragement right now.

    Oh Mia — you have.

    Never underestimate the gift of your words, the beautiful words you’ve written above and the words of support you’ve left for me in comments before.

    People “want to do more” — and I understand as I’ve been in those shoes myself. Now that I’m in the other shoes, I understand when I say that every single word of compassion, every single “I love you,” every single “I don’t know what to say but I’m here for you” counts. It matters. It is worth so very much to me.

    It all counts. It all matters.

    You all count. You all matter. You matter, Mia.

    When something like this happens, life becomes a big magnified. So, my recognition of just how important people are has increased. I am so very grateful for the friends I’ve made online. These are very real friends, whether we’ve met IRL or not. It makes no difference; the friendships, the feelings are real. Each person contributes to my life.

    I am so very touched by what you’ve written. And, trust me, it is enough. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll get to drink tea together. I’d love that.

    Huge *hugs* to you, Mia. Thank you for this gift. Love ya tons, girlfriend, love ya tons.

  2. mia

    We’ll just make that happen someday! A date for tea or wine depending on our mood. ;o)

    Go treat yourself like a queen love.


  3. elzr

    Great blogs..

    Touches me alot…

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