International Adoption Scams: Airing Tonight

A special Dateline on adoption in Guatemala airs on NBC Sunday, Jan. 20 at 7pm ET.

Corruption in international adoption? Really? Who knew! OK, sarcasm aside at least it’s getting some much needed publicity. I hope they do a good job. The only down side is it is airing opposite the playoff game. Sigh….maybe people will tape it.

Oh, and be sure to check out the AP comment-o-rama going on at the producer’s blog. They are none too happy about this show airing. I hope some of my AP friends who read here will go and chime in.



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8 responses to “International Adoption Scams: Airing Tonight

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  2. Anonymous

    I personally think it’s nice you decided to adopt, but I think it’s a disgrace to all of you who have failed your OWN country with adoptions. Instead of wasting your money on adopting and supporting from other countries, concentrate on helping 10000 of helpless children born in your OWN country that are born and left every day on YOUR hospital doorsteps from irresponsible parents who had children out of wedlock and not ready to raise kids. As a health care worker, and former American adopted child, is a disgrace that you refuse to help my fellow american brother’s and sisters to have a chance at a nice home life. If you did your research, you would see, in KEY WEST alone, they have one of the highest percentage of homeless children needing a good home. If you like Guada that much, then move there and help support their government and humans.

  3. mia

    Dear Anon. if you truly wish to help create a better world for children without homes (and I hope you do) please take the time to educate yourself further. Some (and I use that word sparingly) of your points are valid but your delivery makes those few points you do make get lost in the fog. Adoption reform is a must and the good old USofA is certainly no exception, but you have to learn to think and love globally before you can truly make a difference for the children in your own backyard.

    Oh and for the record I am an adoptee.

  4. Mia, I’m sorry I missed it. I read your post too late to watch it, but I will be interested to read the aparent responses on their site.
    Any problem of “bad press” and “not in front of our children!” (usually the reasons people object to adoption horror stories) is outweighed by the necessity of preventing child trafficking . . .

  5. I thought this comment was really interesting:

    “It is interesting that with all of the press about corruption in Guatemala, no one has compared it to adoption in the United States. In the United States, advertising is placed in newspapers, financial offers are made to birth mothers, and U.S. attorneys receive a great financial benefit for handling domestic adoptions. We are sure there is also a level of corruption in our own country.”

  6. mia

    So true. I’m glad someone posted that comment!

  7. photochic001


    I have a great link for a video profile on a photographer and travel writer who has just finished a new travel guidebook called Moon: Guatemala. His name is Al Argueta and he is a child of Guatemalan parents and has spent much of his life in that country. He currently works and resides in Round Rock, Texas, right outside of the capital city of Austin. Here is a link to the video from the website of the show Docubloggers on the PBS station KLRU in Austin, Texas. Enjoy!



  8. Heidi

    The biggest scammers are Scott and Karen Banks of Focus on Children in Wellsville Utah. They lied to the birth parents. The birth parents did not speak or read english yet all the paper work for them that gave up their children was in English. Scott and Karen Banks traded bags of rice and tins of tuna fish all in the name of the LDS church for babies.

    Then they smuggled the babies into the USA, AKA visa fraud. They claimed to be an non or profit yet in the year 2005 they made over 1.5 million dollars.

    A child died of malnutrition and neglect in their nanny house. Of course it was a Samoan not an American child.

    They are now facing 135 federal and criminal indictments for their dirty work.

    The pain and suffering that they have caused as been insurmontable for the victims. May they both rot in prision

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