I still have a ton of things to do. I am always so amazed at those people who have their shopping done two days before Thanksgiving and the cards in the mail on December 1st. It seems no matter how much I plan it always comes down to the wire.

Repeat mantra……… WWMD?!!! (what would Martha do?)

Christmas Story

Maybe the hustle and bustle is just part of the charm of the holidays. Yes, let’s go with that.

May you all get exactly what you wish for.

a christmas story

The Christmas Story

And nothing from Aunt Clara.

Christmas Story

May you all have plenty to eat.

christmas story

Be safe.

A Christmas Story

And warm.

A christmas story

Perfection is overrated so if you find yourself in a sticky spot…….. just enjoy every moment of it.

christmas story

PEACE AND JOY my friends.


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One response to “TWO DAYS TILL’ CHRISTMAS!

  1. I am so not one of those people who has it all together way before Christmas. You know, I think it’s actually more fun when you hustle at the last minute!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS MIA! I hope you have a completely fantastic holiday – you deserve it!



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