Article in Newsweek

When Adoption Goes Wrong

Seriously disturbing:

“Reports that a growing number of foreign adoptees were being turned over to the U.S. foster-care system recently prompted the Department of Health and Human Services to order its first national count: 81 children adopted overseas were relinquished to officials in 14 states in 2006.”

Why does this: The Ranch For Kids give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach?



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3 responses to “Article in Newsweek

  1. SUZ

    interesting you say that mia, i read the article too and that part bugged me. makes me worry about what would happen, how they would be treated, etc. but lacking more info on the “ranch” i just filed it away as something to look into.

    having been sent to a “ranch” (home) myself when I was pregnant with my daughter, I know first hand the focus at some places is not always in the best interest of the “ranch guest”

  2. its sooo freaking disturbing!! Yeah, take them from their country, and then put them in the system in this country. very disturbing….

  3. (Not ANY part of the adoption triad, though I have a suspicion that one day we’ll adopt one of the many orphans we have in this country-hence my interest in all things adoption) I really wonder why anyone would be so cruel as to adopt, then relinquish a child. Does anyone care about the children at all???? I’d understand relinquishing to the nmother but to do THIS? It makes no sense. It’s so disturbing. These are human beings, not defective dvd players. My goodness. My heart is tearing right now-as if the heartache your mother has caused isn’t enough…Adoptees seem to always get the short end of the stick. You have a voice but it seems not many want to respect it. Shades of birth and being given away I guess. Crying for mother but nowhere to be found. I”m so angry.

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