I Love You More


I Love You More is a heartwarming story of a mother and her child and their boundless love for one another. It is filled with beautifully simplistic chalk drawings that compliment the message of the story in a delicate yet profound way. It is a flip book, read one way to the middle and then flipped over and read from the “end” back to the middle again (my children thought this was the coolest thing ever).

I Love You More resonated with me so much as it reminded me of the “I love you” game my son and I played when he was little. I would say “I love you all the way up to the stars” and he would say “I love you all the way to Mars”. This would continue until we went as far as we could go….”I love you all the way to infinity” and he would reply “I love you all the way up to God.”

The author Laura Duksta aka The Bald Chick lost her hair at the age of 11 from Alopecia areata. She wore wigs for many years until finally deciding to let her from-the-soul true beauty shine through. She ditched the wig on her 30 birthday and gave herself the title The Bald Chick. Quite an inspiring story for a world filled with women who can’t seem to find a way to love themselves as they are.

The illustrator Karen Keesler earned the nickname “Hippie” due to her love for all the Earth and her inhabitants. Considering my friends like to often tease me with the nickname “Treehugger” Karen’s nickname seems quite splendid to me! Karen created the illustrations for this book with a box of pastels that she bought at a yardsale for 5o cents. My kind of girl.

Offered through Sourcebooks, Inc., I Love You More had it’s official release on November 5th and can now be purchased through Amazon and other specialty shops. This book is a must have for all of the children on your Christmas list!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

Laura and Karen’s MySpace page.



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2 responses to “I Love You More

  1. Alright Ms. Mia,

    That was one of the most beautiful reviews ever written–and there have been a lot :-)! Thank you for resonating with our book and its message in such a special way and for so eloquently expressing it! You are now and forever part of the I Love You More family and story.
    I wish that we had a chance to sign the books that have been sent out because I would have loved an opporunity to share the message I write with you and your children… So-I’ll do it here (I always say that this message counts double when it is for someone who has or who has been been adopted.)
    For Mia and her children:
    You are all magnificent gifts to one another, your families and the world! Always know how truly loved and appreciated you all are!
    Keep Shining!
    Laura Duksta

    Have a Bright and Blessed Holiday Season!
    You certainly just brightened up and blessed mine!

  2. mia

    Thank You Laura!

    I printed your message and pasted it inside the book for my children. My youngest wants me to read I Love You More to her ALL the time. Which is fine with me because I love it too.

    Peace and many Christmas blessings to you as well!

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