Date Set for New Orleans

Official Protest Date

Up until this moment we have been marking out a week for the Adoptee Rights Protest in July due to permit scheduling and it is NOW OFFICIAL.

The date of the Adoptee Rights Protest is:


Please pass this on!
To join up for the protest go to and register on our free form so that an accurate head count can be made.

Thank you,
The Adoptee Rights Protest Committee



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5 responses to “Date Set for New Orleans

  1. Thank you Mia! I got your registration today 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you, we’re all going to get to meet, for the best cause ever too!! How cool is that!

  2. mia

    That’s VERY cool Gershom! I am really looking forward to it. Meeting everyone and showing our support for open records…that’s just awesome.
    It’s just too bad the legislators couldn’t plan their gathering during Mardi Gras! lol

  3. Mia,

    We all need to get behind this one!

    Can I link to it?

    Please tell me you drink. A little. OMG. I vote for holding one get-together at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop and Bar on Bourbon Street. Very dark but my crow’s feet practically disappear in the gloom!

  4. mia

    Sounds great Nina! It’s going to be fantastic meeting everyone in person. Like family huh?

  5. Lyn

    You are an awesome Lady. Feel free to plug the Colorado Registry!

    Blessings to you always.

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