Elmer was “saved” by the neighbor kids who found him hopping about in the grass while their mom was mowing. Fledglings are supposed to do that but they didn’t know and of course there was the issue of the mower. Their mom isn’t a “bird person” so they brought him to our house because everyone knows I am a huge sucker for anything with feathers or fur (OK, I have also been known to take in a frog or turtle from time to time) and asked me to take care of him.



Elmer went back to his parents the next day. They were very glad to see him.

These guys lived in the fern on my front porch this summer. It was so fun to watch them hatch, grow and eventually fly away. They still visit my feeder on the back deck.



Nature is certainly a welcome reprieve from a life which can become far too chaotic. Nature puts things into perspective.



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3 responses to “Feathers

  1. Jen

    Beautiful…we love the birds here, too.

  2. I’m an animal sucker too. Proud of it. Was the kind of kid who was always on the look out for the stray dog, the wounded cat, the injured bird.

    You’re right. Nature does put things in perspective. Thank god.

  3. kimkim

    Awww that makes me all squishy and emotional……

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