And Justice For All

Think CI programs are the answer? THINK AGAIN.

I was responding to a post on Chosen Babies and double checked fees for the Colorado Confidential Intermediary Service because you just never know when they may decide to charge more….cough….accountability….cough.

Effective June 1, 2007 CCIS costs $875.00!!!!! Out of which the intermediary gets a “whopping” 250 bucks, the rest is a non-refundable (regardless of success) administrative fee to CCIS. The best part? If you have them search for more than one person (ie; mother then father) it will cost you an ADDITIONAL $200.00 PER SEARCH!

Tell me again where the accountability is? HEY, why not 1000? Why not 2000? Tell me again why adoptees deserve to pay hundreds of dollars for their OWN birth certificate? Oh, wait….we don’t actually GET our birth certificate for that money, that costs extra and ONLY if we have permission from our mothers. What are we five? Our mothers …who by the way CAN’T get a copy EITHER!

PLEASE someone remind me why everyone else pays a measly fifteen bucks and we have to mortgage the house? I seem to have forgotten.

What a crock.

Residents of Massachusetts think long and hard before settling. All or none and leave nobody behind!



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3 responses to “And Justice For All

  1. exactly mia!! why do WE have to pay so much! shouldn’t that be added into the “finalization fees” in an adoption? we weren’t the ones who consented to this? we didn’t ask for this! so once again the poor get pushed back, the poor pay for being poor, and if we can’t afford an extra $1000 then we’ll just have to wait until we do.

    Did they mention if they make the first parents have to pay once they’re found too? Some states also charge THEM.

    Justice for ALL.

  2. mskimkim

    It’s totally insane.

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