Goodbye Dream


This dream I held so closely from the very beginning is an Almost Lover.

My dream and I tossed about on an ocean of uncertainty between fantasy and reality…

for a very long time.

There is comfort to be found in fantasy but there comes a time when the marrow of the truth seeps into your soul leaving little room for dreams to breathe.

I can hear the dream in my darkest hours begging me to let it float away.

The dream will never be as I had imagined it would and the time has come to send my Almost Lover out to sea.



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5 responses to “Goodbye Dream

  1. KT

    namaste, my friend.

  2. What dream are you referring to? What did I miss? What’s going on? You’re freaking me out! AAAHHH!

    P.S. What a pretty song. Who sings it?

  3. suz

    i assume you are referring to your natural mother.
    my thoughts are with you. hugs. her loss again and again.

  4. I think its hauntingly beautiful. Yep its time to let the dreams float away.

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