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Double tagged from both sides and they aren’t EASY memes either. OK, truth be told I kind of asked for one because I thought it sounded cool. That is until Andie sent me the questions she came up with. Keeping it light eh Andie? lol

I am going to do this now or I will procrastinate it right out of existence.

Aurelia tagged me to do an I Am meme. Since I write mostly about things I feel I understand clearly in my life (or at least things I am working toward understanding) I thought I would write about the things inside of me that I am clueless about. It’s still a part of me, just not a part I show very often.

I Am

I am a woman who feels a lot of longing in her life.

-I long for a mother.

-I long for a father.

-I long to be understood by those I love.

-I long to be loved by those who understand me.

I am hiding a little girl inside my soul. My child Self that screams to get out but I keep her locked away. I am very afraid of her. I don’t necessarily care to remember everything.

I am a procrastinator of the worst proportion and big time avoider of things I don’t want to do.

I feel most artistic when I am depressed or sad.

I am in serious need of time alone with my thoughts.

I am highly sensitive and end up carrying the energy of other people even when I don’t want to.

I am tired all of the time.

I am distracted by things I want desperately but cannot have.

I am constantly avoiding a million things I “should” be doing and in the scheme of things get very little done.

Andie tagged me to answer five questions.

1. If you could let the general public know just one thing about adoption, what would it be?

Adoption includes loss and that should be acknowledged.

2. Are you against adoption in it’s entirety, or do you feel it’s a viable option under certain circumstances?

I am not anti-adoption, I am definitely pro-reform though. There are hundreds of kids who age out of the system every single day who will never know what it feels like to come home. Hundreds of kids who are without any family at all to raise them. There is a need but it certainly isn’t getting met by the adoption industry as it stands now. The industry as it stands sickens me.

3. Growing up, did you ever feel or were you made to feel different because you were adopted?

Every single day of my life. I was raised being told on a constant basis by everyone I met (including my parents) that I was special. Special = Different. People say stupid things, ask stupid questions and believe stupid ideas about adoption. Very few people bother to ask us how we really feel. A great many people don’t care.
4. Would you ever adopt?

Yes, I would for the reasons outlined in question number 2.

5. Many adoptees in the blogosphere talk about being an “awakened” adoptee. Do you consider yourself awakened?

It’s been sixteen years of actively walking this path so if I haven’t awakend yet I am certainly not going to! lol Hmmm…. maybe that’s why I am always so freaking tired! Seriously though I have learned that being “awakened” comes in steps. It begins with truthful questioning and progresses from there. I have observed over the years that each person travels an almost identical path of self discovery about what it means to be adopted but each goes at their own pace. Some go so slow it doesn’t even look like they are moving, others move at warp speed. None are wrong, just different.

I hope I did OK.

I tag Rhonda to do I Am (because you are an amazing writer and I know it will be a treat) and Kevin to answer five questions (which I will have to give some thought to) because it’s time he got his feet wet. Anyone else who wishes to participate let me know.

Ciao Bella!



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6 responses to “Meme Me

  1. WOW Mia!

    I have to say that I’m impressed that you took on both of these memes with such thought. And YOU are an amazing writer.

    I’ve thought a lot about each of these questions myself, and your insight really helps. I think I am one of the slow movers regarding awakening, but hell if I’m not traveling just the same.

  2. mia

    Rollercoaster or skateboard, Andie we all still get where were going! xoxo

  3. KT

    “get my feet wet?”….that’s cool….I just prefer not to get burned at the stake! LOL 🙂

  4. I’m honored, Mia, but I read yours thinking I have no need to write one of these because you could have written this one for me.

    Again, I am mindboggled how alike we are.

    And I have some big footsteps to follow for my meme, because this one is beautiful.

  5. suz

    Curious Mia…what MBTI are you? I am INFJ and you seemed to have a lot of the same qualities.

  6. You’re safe Kevin…..mostly. mwahahaha

    I know Rhonda, I’ll bet we have known one another for a very long time.

    Hmmm, I dont know Suz. After looking it over though I am definitely going to take the test. I’ll let you know!

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