Sculptures #2 and #3

 These are two more sculptures I made recently. I have some more firing  and defining to do but I felt like sharing them now.

Intimate Stranger was made to look like a wood carving. I plan to stain her so the chipping is more defined.  I think both of these sculptures are self explanatory but I look forward to hearing others’ interpretation of each one. I think I will wait to give my personal meaning until I  see what they convey to others. 

Intimate Stranger



Silent Night





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19 responses to “Sculptures #2 and #3

  1. Absolutly amazing, really. They invoke such feeling!!
    I love them!

  2. Lee

    Very nice Mia…I like them! You are very talented!!

  3. These are so beautiful and poignant, Mia (I wanted to say sad, but I meant it as a compliment to their success, but of course it didn’t sound right . . .)

  4. Mia – they both are amazing. Your piece “Intimate Stranger” really moved me. The fact that she is faceless spoke volumes to me in how first mothers are so often viewed by society and even those affected by adoption. And her arms. . . the way they are outstretched with her child so far away from her, as if her voice, her heart and her emotions are being silenced by the pull and force of others who are only all too willing to receive her child that she appears to be offering, all whilst her child (who appears to be kicking, and is undoubtedly screaming out for his mother) is in agony over the loss he already feels.

    They both are amazing. Thank you for sharing them, Mia.

  5. reunionwritings

    Wow Mia you are very good, I am so impressed. They are beautiful.

  6. Silent night is the one that really affects me. The girl is sleeping, but she doesn’t look peaceful. Even in sleep she is thinking about her mother. But even in sleep she is silent about the need.

  7. Urgh. I went to leave a comment but then I looked at the picture again. I was saying that I think you are so incredibly talented. To be able to take feeling and emotion like that and turn it into a sculpture is so powerful.

    I saw no mouth; no voice. They are so beautiful, both of them.

  8. Terri

    Moving. So many subtle reads within these pieces. I also work through a lot of my “stuff” (as a first mom) through art. Some things are just wordless.

  9. momseekingpeace

    They are beautiful and painful to look at at the same time, the mother with the baby to me represents offering up the baby or ‘doing what she is suppose to” while the baby is so far. Ughhh I want her to pull him close but that is me projecting all my adoption suff on it. lol


  10. Just beautiful Mia.
    You’re one very talented lady.
    Poss. xxx

  11. goingbacktosquareone


    Mia, you are amazingly talented. Both of these pieces are beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Intimate stranger made my heart hurt, really physically hurt. I see a woman holding the fruit of her womb…which is clearly still very recently delivered. When she should be cradling her child to her busom, she is holding him out, and he is obviously distressed by being separated from her. She is faceless, expressionless…devoid of the emotion of the chasm between her and the child. Then the baby, his arms and legs are flailing…he is unhappy….

    Silent night: well, that one speaks volumes. You don’t necessarily have to be an adoptee for that one to slap you in the face. I think I saw myself in that sculpture…


  12. Oh, Mia ~ those are so poignant, so touching. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing those with us.

  13. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

  14. Rebecca

    Oh Mia, They are both amazing. I just want the mother to be able to bring her baby back close to her. Your talent is phenomenal. Hugs, Rebecca

  15. Mia,

    They are beautiful! You are a person of many, many talents.

    Thanks for checking on me. My workload is down so I am back! I thought I was going to be swallowed whole with work!

  16. These are stunning and moving, Mia.

  17. Well done, Mia! What a merciful gift art is, don’t you think? So therapeutic. I cannot imagine living without it.

  18. christine

    wow, both are beautiful and you are very talented!

    i had a totally different interpretation of the first sculpture.

    i saw her as receiving the child. the woman is faceless and in a humble possition, because the focus is put on the child – it’s the child’s needs that are important; it’s the child who is important. and the mother is humble, while caring, giving, and selfless.

  19. gwendolyn


    Your work is emotionally provoking and universal in a way that brings out a connection to these peices for anyone who would take them in.

    My questions to you would be…how has this moved you…how have these two pieces spoken to you…what moved inside of you to bring these two images into form? How did it feel to see them once created?

    Perhaps a deep part of you has been recognized and released now that you have created these. That is to me why art is so healing. It evokes these deep images…and as they are born into being…they are born into our consciousness…in nonverbal ways…perhaps relating in this particular work to the infant…child…who had no language to express the experiences at that age that influenced their world.

    The mother’s shape is really quite wonderful…its softness and supple limbs equate a woman of substance…a real woman…giving up…or offering her child…to something…one must give this their own meaning…

    Can you tell me about the woman…what she is thinking in these moments of holding her child up and out? I’d love to know…

    Thank you for letting me know that you created these…I’ve been off the blogging block for a bit…its nice to see your work and connect to what you are up to lately…

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