Leaps and Bounds

With Theresa’s help we have put together a yahoo group for the video. Today we are going to send the invitation via email to those people who expressed an interest in helping out. We decided to create sort of a mastermind group of people to get this off the ground. As soon as we work out all of the details we are going to open it up so everyone who wants to participate can find out details and dates etc… If you don’t get an email and wish to be a part of the planning group please just let me know. Otherwise, I hope you will consider sending in a video clip when the time comes! It will be so cool to see everyone I have come to love be a part of this.

So many amazing things have stemmed from the concept of this video. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am pouring my energy into something that is going to bring me through all of my sadness and anger and out the other side. For the first time in a long time I actually have hope that the pain I have experienced surrounding adoption and reunion (or lack there of) will hold purpose in my mind. That is a good feeling. So much of what I have been through seemed so senseless. I feel like using my experiences as stepping stones to reach a more creative and positive level makes sense. I may not be able to change how things went down in my own reunion experience but I am not powerless to create change on a different and possibly even grander scale. Heather left a message on the last post and included this:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the
world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

And, we will.

That’s it exactly Heather.


I have intended to do a Thinking Blogger Award post for a long time. So many wonderful people have extended it to me and here I am just being lame about the whole thing. When I start to click through my links and read the blogs of people I have really come to love I get very freaked out about having to choose only five. I know, I told you it was lame but it’s truthful. Since I seem to have so much resistance around doing this I think I will do what Addie suggested and try and visit five new blogs and post about them. Thank you again to everyone who mentioned my blog!!!!

Has everyone listened to Joy and Addie on The Adoption Show? Weren’t they awesome? I really love the way Michelle hosts the show. She is so easy going and nice to listen to.



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6 responses to “Leaps and Bounds

  1. Congratulations on being on your way!

  2. I’ve never listened to the Adoption Show – thanks for the link!

    I feel like I’m still in the learning/awakening phase of dealing with my adoption. I’m in awe of all of the enlightened people who write so eloquently. Like you Mia. You have been an inspiration for me in a lot of ways.

    This new project is just another way that I’m learning. I so excited that I have a ton of ideas popping around. I’m also excited to see what everyone’s ideas are. I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot.

  3. Do you know that that quote is the subtitle of my blog?

    I love it, I live by it, it really is true. It will take time, but someday, every adoptee will get their rights recognized.

    And no-one will ever feel ashamed again.

  4. gentle reminder

    I am drinking coffie from your cup this morning. It’s my favourite cup now.

    I heard the show, they were wonderful and Michelle is really fun to listen to.

    Congratulations for all the Thinking Blogger Awards!!

  5. rox

    Mia, I am interested!!!!

  6. Abebech and Andy I am so glad you are coming!

    Aurelia I hear ya’ sister!

    Hi Kim! I am so glad you love your cup. I will have to find a Summer one to send you.

    Rox I would love it if you joined us! If you send me your email addy I will send you the link.

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