Building Momentum

Do you know that over 11 MILLION people have viewed that video? 11 MILLION!!!! People have made their own FREE HUGS videos all over the world. France, Italy, Poland, Amsterdam, Spain……and on and on. The concept is pure brilliance.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this project! It’s definitely happening. As a matter of fact after speaking with Kevin it has evolved into something much bigger than he and I could have ever imagined! We will share details soon. Right now we are trying to get a clearer picture of exactly what we want to accomplish. This is really hard to do when you are super excited about something and maybe just a little ADD (me, not Kevin). Very soon we will be asking for your help. I have the most amazing blog friends on the planet so I am not worried at ALL about this part.

I will tell you we decided to move the focus to something other than open records. We are hoping the context of our idea will, by it’s very nature, automatically include open records. We did so because we want EVERYONE to be a part of this project and because (as Elizabeth said) open records really is a civil rights issue. We have to be careful not to involve words like “adoption reform” and “reunion” in the framework of why records should be opened. It really is purely a civil rights issue.

While I’m on the subject of the video, check this out:

I showed the video to my son. He thought it was amazing too. Yesterday he came home from school with a FREE HUGS sign taped to his chest. I’m not kidding! I was blown away. For a teenager to do that? Wow. He said he had told some friends at school about the video and they thought it was an outstanding idea.

As it turns out the school is doing a fundraiser for blood cancer this month. They decided to give free hugs to everyone yesterday. They told the recipients of the hugs that the next day they would be doing HUGS FOR CHARITY to raise money for blood cancer. They said if you feel like donating you can but today it was just about the hugs.

Others loved the idea and are joining in to help them. They were making tee shirts and posters last night.

I asked him how many people he had hugged and he said at last count it was about sixty. I told him I have never in my life been hugged by sixty people in one day.

I said “You know J you made a positive difference in SIXTY peoples lives today.”

He said “Sixty people made a difference in mine. It was really cool.”




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12 responses to “Building Momentum

  1. Kevin229


    Law of Attraction!

    Can you feel the energy? If not, pause for a moment and tune in. It is there and it is incredible! You just have to tune in. It feels (to me) like a locomotive at the top of a hill starting to start down the other side.

    Look out! Here we come!

  2. rob

    That vid made the front page of YouTube a few months back. When that happens, look out…

  3. An idea that is communicated simply can have a tremendous impact….am looking forward to what is produced and how we can help. The internet really has opened up doors that no other medium could have in history. And that medium will help the change process….keep us posted Mia!

  4. Rox

    aw Mia, I love reading your blog….your heart is so good. I have no doubt this will be amazing, whatever you guys put together!

  5. That’s incredible, Mia. Your son is great! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Your son is awesome.
    I can’t wait to find out what direction things are taking!

  7. Your son IS amazing – and I know just where he gets some of his amazing-ness from!!!!
    Poss. xxx

  8. Ditto what Possum said.

    My thoughts exactly.

  9. Chrissy

    Mia, count me in however I’m needed! Your son IS awesome – acorns don’t fall far from the tree, do they…..

  10. 1 Your son is too cool.

    2 I am so excited by this, I am actually smiling frequently. A rare event.

  11. I love that your son was able to take this idea and make it his own!

    I also love that he recognizes how the hugs made a difference in two people’s lives.


  12. Mia, Your son is so cool but I’m not surprised-YOU ARE HIS MOM! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just ordered my free hugs t-shirt. I couldn’t help myself. Thanks so much for sharing the video. Hugs, Rebecca

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