Kim posted photos of the stuffed animals she sews. I thought they were all adorable but I fell in love with the flying bunnies. She sent me the pattern! I really love Kim. I promised her I would post a photo of the bunnies I made with the pattern. Two are nekkid because my sewing machine isn’t cooperating at the moment. I made the white one first and accidentally sewed her little neck closed. The second one I sewed the head on inside out AND backwards and had to rip seams and start again. Still, I think they turned out pretty good and the girls LOVE them.


Today it is supposed to be in the 60s. This may seem like arctic temps. to many of you but I am celebrating Spring! I am going to try building raised beds for my garden today. Assuming I can locate a skill saw, hammer and nails in our ridiculously overstuffed garage.

Wish me luck!

Oh, first I am taking my daughter to the library. I am going to order Jesus Land through inner-library loan. Thanks Theresa for the recommendation.




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5 responses to “Bunnies!

  1. reunionwritings

    Oh they are the best bunnies ever. I have a cd rom ready to send you too.

    I love the bunnies.

    Must make a link on my blog about them too.

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  3. Finally with the infamous bunnies I’ve been hearing about! I love them, but especially the pink one with the starry starry eyes.

    I’m glad they were able to order that book for you. Get the kleenex ready but read it alone because it prompts loud utterances of WTF. Frequently.

  4. Oh wow! I love these!

    Wish I could sew.

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