I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Ours was lovely, although as always it was exhausting. I was up until 3:00 a.m. putting together the last of the toys and of course the kids were bouncing on the bed at 7:30 yelling “IT’S CHRISTMAS! GET UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!”

Coffee………..strong coffee please.

We lounged all day long in our pj’s and played with our new toys. We make a big deal of Christmas around here and love love love achieving the WOW factor. It’s the one time of year we really do spoil our kids and enjoy every minute of it. We snacked and watched sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel last night. It was a great Christmas which made up for the disaster that was Christmas Eve~

My husband went to pick up my parents so they could spend some time with the kids before dinner. Actually it would be more accurate to say so my mom could spend time with the kids because my dad is too far gone to interact with anyone. He just sits there staring at the T.V. so simply having him with us has become good enough for us and for the kids. My dad has never been a particularly jovial guy. He isn’t a kid person either so my children have never really known much different. You can’t miss what you never had right? Ahem….right. My mom on the other hand has always been good with the kids. She reads them stories and plays with them, interacts etc… Yesterday however it was painfully aparent she is taking the journey down the road of old age. She did no such playing with the kids. She sat in her chair complaining about my dad and asking ad nausium when my brother was going to be here. She must have asked fifty times.

My brother showed up and we opened gifts before dinner. We took the kids to the dollar store and let them pick out a gift for everyone. They spent so much time and effort into picking just the right gift, I thought it was very touching. I think they liked the gifts??? My parents and my brother are so emotionally detached that sometimes it’s hard to read them.

I gave my mom a scrapbook I have been working on for several months of their wedding day. The photos are 65 years old and were falling apart in the original album. I also organized ALL of their photos and put them into new albums. All 600 of them in chronological order. My mom opened the scrapbook and thumbed through it making derogatory comments about my dad the entire time. She said she liked it though.

I was so wrapped up in self pity about my mom’s reaction to the scrapbook I had spent months making that I failed to notice my youngest daughter standing there looking around wondering where her gift was. My husband was in tears after everyone left describing how she had watched everyone open their gifts and when she realized she had none just went of to play with her sisters and their new gifts. J and I didn’t get so much as a card either. My parents gave us some money earlier so we picked up something for ourselves last week but I thought maybe a card would have been nice especially from my brother. This really isn’t about stuff, it’s about being thoughtful. It stings that my brother and my parents never thought to even pick up a card for us but I can let that go. It’s the situation with my daughter that hurts so bad. If I had been paying attention instead of selfishly thinking of my own feelings I would have gotten one of our gifts to her from under the tree and said “HERE B, a gift for YOU!”. I feel like crap about that. Stupid family. STUPID family.

The only bright side was when my daughter S (of course) said loudly as they were leaving “Hey mom you were wrong! You said they wouldn’t stay past four and it’s 4:05!” lolololol……………whoops. Note to self: watch what you say around the kids.

You can bet we made up for all of it though. We had a perfect Christmas. Although we couldn’t make it snow. We tried but no luck. Everything else was perfect. We teach our children how a family is supposed to treat one another. We both received numerous handmade gifts and cards from each of our beautiful children. The best gifts of all.



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6 responses to “Christmas

  1. out of the mouth of babes… that’s classic.

  2. I can’t believe they didn’t have a gift for your daughter… 😦 We tried to make it snow too, but instead it just rained… oh well. Glad you had a GREAT Christmas Day!


  3. Ah Mia. I confess I blew off Christmas. It was the best Christmas ever! Except for the lack of snow. It was weird. We almost always have snow for the holidays.
    I’m sorry about your family. But you seem pretty healthy about the whole thing… taking it with a grain of salt!

    Happy holidays!! Enjoy your new year.

  4. I must be missing something here – your parents did not get a gift for their granddaughter? Is that right? That makes me soooo angry.

    I am glad that most of your holiday season was good.

  5. LeRoy Dissing

    Mia…It seems to me that Christmas has the tendency to bring out the best and the worst in people and families. Perhaps we need to see both but sometimes the contrast is more than one can bare within a 24 hour period (or before 4:05 p.m. :). I am glad that in spite of your parents, your family had a great Christmas…and by the way, if you had been here (central Wisconsin) you would see 4″ of the white stuff on the ground!

  6. Families. Sheesh.

    I’m so glad you guys have each other!!

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