Santa…I BELIEVE!!!!


On the way to dance class my neighbors daughter decided to educate my girls about the whole Santa thing and if that wasn’t bad enough her FATHER verified it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come ON I mean even my Jewish friends  know that’s a taboo thing to do!

I am really  sick of hearing parents say “Oh we would NEVER lie to our kids”.  I say here’s your parent of the year award…….oh, and HERE’S YOUR SIGN!

If you are a parent who decides to tell your kids the “truth” about Santa do us all a favor and also teach your kids that the world is a diverse place and not everyone does things like you do. Teach them to have respect for others. It amazes me how many parents decide against allowing their kids to enjoy the concept of Santa but FAIL to teach their kids not to run off and tell all of their friends, particularly in the presence of little ones.

I respect that you may not be into Santa but I must say I feel really sorry for you. I can’t imagine not having ever experienced my kids intently listening for sleigh bells Christmas Eve or seeing the joy in their eyes on Christmas morning when the cookies and milk are gone. None the less whatever you do with your kids is your business but don’t go ruining it for the rest of us. It is not your job (or your children’s) to impose your beliefs on MY kids. I have taught my children that it is perfectly acceptable for people to not believe and they are not to try and convince them otherwise. So no worries for the non- believers, your kids are safe around mine.

For those of you who would judge me consider this……..

St. Nicholas was a real living, breathing human being at one time. He embodied all of the qualities that we should strive for such as generosity, kindness and love. The spirit of St. Nick lives on through us by our own acts of generosity, kindness and love. My young ones believe in a literal Santa and the rest of us ………….well we very MUCH believe in the spirit of Santa. I have found it to be a seamless phase from literal to idealistic with my kids. We are all believers and what you believe in IS real. ;o) It keeps the magic alive and even explains the unexplainable in the form of the potential for miracles. I dare anyone to tell me how this is a bad thing but I must warn you that I really don’t care.

I say:


Non believers if you decide to leave the dark side let me know and I will put in a good word for you. I suspect in the spirit of Christmas he would promptly and generously remove you from the naughty list. Think about it.




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7 responses to “Santa…I BELIEVE!!!!

  1. suz

    interesting timing, mia. i just told my 9yo last weekend “the truth”. we had friends/family who were talking about it, he had friends at cub scouts..i was just paranoid that he was going to find out from someone other than us.

    i personally found out in third grade by a girl named NOELLE of all things! She made me feel stupid, and silly and called me names. My son is so sensitive, so sweet, I just couldnt bear the thought of that happening to him at school.

    he took it well. kinda. but we did tell him others dont know, his 4yo brother still believes, he has to keep the secret to himself. he liked that. being included on a big person secret. but i will never forget that look in his eyes, that momentary confusion when he processed that santa was not real. i saw part of his childhood innocence die right of me. flickered like the remaining piece of wick in a burning candle. he was different somehow afterwards.

    i wont forget the day santa died for my 9 yo. i personally killed santa.

    : (

  2. That’s why I like the literal vs idealistic approach, I never have to utter the words non-existant. Honestly I don’t feel like I am lying at all because I believe very much in this ideology. It’s kind of fun too because my older kids feel like they are in on a very important secret that not many know about. Try it Suz! There is a ton of information out there about the history of St. Nick. Your son will feel much better knowing the whole thing wasn’t just a giant ruse, that there was and is substance behind the tradition.xoxo

  3. Suz

    I should have added my son is named Nikolas. So, he liked the St. Nick stuff. We did reference that and as well as other cultures and how they celebrate the concept (having hosted foriegn au pairs for 8 years we learned alot about how other countries perceive/celebrate Santa).

  4. reunionwritings

    Santa does exist.

  5. Amen!! A friend of mine told her kids because she didn’t want to “lie” to them. They proceeded to try and tell my kids but I cut them off before my kids caught on to what they were saying. Made me soooooo mad! Once that innocence is gone, it is gone forever. I want them to hold onto that innocence as long as they can.

  6. WOW – you’re not kidding! We had almost the exact same experience one year apart.


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