RegDay 2006

Next Saturday, November 18th is RegDay for ISRR. If you are not familiar with RegDay click here:

I would like to ask everyone to consider doing something to promote RegDay. Tell a friend, think about hosting a booth next year, maybe make a contribution to ISRR directly. Something simple you can do right now though is to print out a flier and post it at your local grocery store or workplace. Here is a link for a printable flier so you don’t even need to create one yourself. If you don’t know of any booths in your area simply delete that information at the bottom of the flier. You can also include any information on local support groups you may belong to!

Help to get the word out for RegDay 2006. If you are in central PA please stop by our RegDay booth located at the Borders book store in Reading any time between 10 and 4 and say hello.

I hope that some day in the near future registries will be unnecessary but until that day comes it is good to know there is an organization out there helping us to connect without profit as their motivation.




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3 responses to “RegDay 2006

  1. Amy

    I heard from friends in Oklahoma that RegDay was protested. One of the two Borders stores in Tulsa was forced to close down because there was also some threats of protesting.

  2. Reg day is Saturday. Are you talking about last year? What were they protesting?

  3. Amy

    The Borders stores in Tulsa this year if I am correct. It was in the Tulsa World. I suspect it is the adoption agency in South Coffeeville. The one Border store will be closed and the other is staying open.

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