Muckin Fonkies

In light of recent events I am left stunned at the stupidity of what this world has become. I see people coming together in support and love for one another and I am offered glimpses of a state of being that should come naturally for us but for some reason life goes on and we go right back to being selfish monkeys. We sure spend a lot of wasted energy tripping on our inflated egos don’t we.

When I see people reaching out to one another I am reminded of the way our minds and hearts should work all of the time, but they don’t. I think true humility is lost on us completely. We really think we are some fantastic muckin fonkies. We have a lot to learn.

I was reading Sume’s post and then popped over to watch the following youtube video from On The Other Side Of The Eye It encapsulates perfectly my feelings on this rainy Friday morning. I do hope Bryan doesn’t mind. He obviously related too. Thanks Sume and Bryan.

Note: Although this video is not conducive to my spiritual beliefs it IS indicative of my societal view these days and worth some thought.

When tragedy strikes we find that instinctual place wherein lies love, hope, kindness, unselfishness, respect. We are humbled by the experience and in our humbled state we see glimpses of that natural state of being we all try so hard to ignore. Why most of us only experience these instinctual traits when we are devastated serves to remind us that our priorities are just plain wrong. Why is it that a non-existant entity like time so easily blinds us? Why does it have to take tragedy to remember and how is it that we so quickly forget?



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8 responses to “Muckin Fonkies

  1. Joy

    Yeah, I’m a monkey!

  2. Spiritually, it’s not representative of my beliefs either, but man I just had to laugh at the amount of truth that can be seen in the video.

    It was a thought-provoking response. Hmm..this is making me want to watch Planet of the Apes all over again.

  3. Does that mean I shouldn’t be shaving my legs? 😉

  4. Mia

    Me too Joy.

    Ohhh Planet of the Apes! YEA

    Atilla if you quit shaving your legs time won’t be the only thing blinding us.

  5. This was great.

    ‘Cept now, I have “hey, hey we’re the monkeys . .. ” running through my head.

  6. That was great…
    And now Attila can use your blog for a reason not to shave her legs?????

  7. Mia

    Thanks a lot Rhonda, now I have that song on the brain too!

    Pendullum NO WAY will I be held responsible for that! lol

  8. ani

    I really needed to read this tonight,, as I am feeling it is all about me lately,, this was an excellent post,, ani

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