Duty Calls

I have been served up a huge helping of B-O-R-E-D in the form of three days of jury duty.

Don’t get me wrong because I am all for stepping up, doing my civic duty, being a good American and all of that. I understand jurors are an important part of maintaining the integrity of our judicial system. HOWEVER today I sat in very small quarters with 299 (that’s right I said two hundred and ninety nine) other potential jurors for NINE HOURS!!! Not one of us was called. Not even one. It got to the point that I was actually praying they WOULD call my name.

One through ninety nine got to go to lunch first. After sitting there for almost five hours going to lunch first was huge………for them. I was juror number 246. I had a good book with me but the boredom was still hard to overcome.

Fortunately I found myself almost instantly attracted to a room filled with about eight friendly people who in spite of the circumstances had smiles on their faces. It didn’t take us long to become comfortable with one another. We joked and laughed and talked about how tomorrow would be better because we are going prepared. Someone is bringing cards. Perhaps a friendly game of 5 card stud or two will make jury duty a profitable experience! Anyone know the rules for gambling in a courthouse?

Another fellow juror is bringing their laptop and some movies, a few are bringing movie snacks etc… you get the point. We will probably have to beat the other less creative jurors off with the judges gavel.

The microphones are on in the courtroom all the time. I was thinking maybe karioke (sp?) would be nice. There is nothing like a bad rendition of Hit Me With Your Best Shot to pass the time quickly!

Two more days to go. The worst part of all of this is that I have family visiting this week from Colorado. Instead of me being able to take them sightseeing they are stuck here BABYSITTING! Unfortunately having four children is not cause to claim undue hardship. Obviously whoever makes up the rules doesn’t have four children. ;o)

Anyway, I am not M.I.A. I am just Mia Potential Juror number 246 reporting for duty.



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3 responses to “Duty Calls

  1. I’ve been selected to be part of a jury two different times. I enjoyed both times immensely, I know I’m strange that way. I was even the foreman (forewoman?) of the jury my 2nd time around.

    Hope you manage to have some fun out of this. 🙂

  2. Mia

    Ahhh but there’s the thing! Being ON a jury is far different from sitting around doing nothing. I had a high juror number so my number was never even called to a panel. I would have actually rather been part of the process in the courtroom than holding up the wall for three days.

    Have you ever noticed how being bored actually makes you super exhausted?

  3. Oh geez, I feel for you! I spent 3 days up at Cripple Creek last winter (oh joy!) before being sent home.

    Hubby got a summons and called the night before—no duty for him.

    I made him sleep on the couch. Bastard.–>

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