Get Over It!!!

You: GET OVER IT already wouldja?!

Me: O.K.!!!! GREAT idea!!!! You are freaking brilliant. How come I didn’t think of that? Of course……… get over it! Duh. I mean I thought I was working on it but yea, it would seem my methods have thus far failed to accomplish the desired results. Maybe on some level I actually enjoy feeling like crap, relish the concept of self inflicted sadness.

You say these words with such ease that it leads me to believe I must be a complete IDIOT not to have awoken completely healed this morning as though some televangelist came and smacked me on the head while I slept. You are HEALED SISTAH!

I mean you did it right? You just got over it? I am in awe of your brilliance. You obviously have it all figured out.

If it’s not too much trouble could you PLEASE give me step by step instructions? Be sure to include pictures, diagrams, pie charts and road maps. Remember you are dealing with an idiot.

Oh, and I mean no disrespect but if you don’t have those specifics on how one goes about getting over it I kindly ask that you shove GET. OVER. and IT. where the sun don’t shine where it can be stored until your instructional handbook is written and published.

Alrighty then?

The Sadistic Idiot



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10 responses to “Get Over It!!!

  1. Ha! You have no idea how inspiring your sarcasm was to me this morning.

    I loved this!

  2. Mia

    Smooches my dear friend!!! It’s so good to see you today!

  3. Joy

    Mia, Mia, Mia

    I appreciate you immensely

  4. Some people just can’t get it. Too bad they just can’t “get over” their ignorance 😉

  5. Mia

    LOL you don’t know how glad I am that all of you understood my need for sarcasm and humor and that you took it as such, not just pegging me as an “angry adoptee”.

    You are all the best!!!!


    Yeah get over it Mia. You know if I was an adoptee I would just well you know – get over it!
    Yep indeedy do I would. I’d be a better adoptee than you and I would – yep – get over it.
    Of course I’m not adopted and have no experience with what that is really like BUT IF I DID well then I would – get over it……yep…..that’s just what I would do………

  7. Mia

    LOL Kim. I’m sure you have heard it enough too so you join me K? We’ll get over it together.;o)


    Oh I feel soooo much better! How about you?

  8. ::snicker snicker::

    That was fabulous!

  9. Anonymous


    Honey, you have such together. You speak such wisdom. You really inspire. Just wish that your bmom wasn’t so blind and saw you like everyone else does.

    Love you bunches,

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