Call it what it is……an amended birth certificate!!!!

I’m not getting into the moral arguement for or against surrogacy. However, this little tidbit below disturbs me to no end.

For the majority of Growing Generations’ clients who deliver in California, pre-birth parental judgments offer the opportunity for two men or two women (or 1 man or 1 woman if single) to be named parents of their offspring born through surrogacy prior to the birth. These judgments direct the hospital to place the named parents (i.e. 2 men, 1 man, etc.) on the original birth certificates and are available to clients regardless of where they live in the U.S. or the world as long as the child is born in California.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? I don’t have time to comment on this at length but seriously……WTF?! How can they consider falsified information an OBC? Have they no integrity? Oh what is that you say? They have that magic wand I was looking for earlier? I see. They just wave that wand over the tummy of the walking bun oven and Voila…..”your identity little tater tot is our identity and it is………truth.”

It is an AMENDED birth certificate meaning the truthful information as to the full IDENTITY of said child has been CHANGED.

But then I guess if it were to be a completely accurate and truthful OBC they would have to create a new form and it could get ugly. Now they are using eggs from one person, sperm from another, a completely different woman to carry the baby who then is adopted by two other people. Holy crap, can you imagine THAT clerical disaster?

Tater Tot Original Birth Certificate:

A. Egg Donor
B. Sperm Donor
C. Surrogate

Tater Tot Amended Birth Certificate:

Adoptive Parent A
Adoptive Parent B (if applicable)

I know there are several variations to this situation that could deem it appropriate to create an OBC even if there is egg or sperm donation (if say a couple uses egg or sperm donation and carries their own baby to term as long as the information on said donor is available for the child) but I can’t help but think the egg/sperm/surrogate scenario is taking things a little too far. I mean talk about an identity crisis.

But I guess it’s all worth it as we are growing the next generation. I just hope that everyone who choses this path is prepared to provide their adult child with the information on every single person who took part in their creation because it’s obvious they aren’t going to get the scoop from their invented….er’ I mean amended…….no wait- original birth certificate.



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17 responses to “Call it what it is……an amended birth certificate!!!!

  1. It annoys me that they call them birth certificate. My daughter has a birth certificate that says another woman gave birth to her when she didn’t – I did.

  2. Joy

    at least your daughter has a mother who gave birth to her, what will these babies have, how awful.

    And yeah, I know it’s weird, at work today, I had to look at an “amended” birth cerificate, it’s so weird, I read it and think my god, what has this person been through, and pay special attention to the location and time, and wonder the story of these people but then I just smile and hand it back and say thanks.

  3. Absolutely positively disgusting. What an insane world we live in.

  4. Mia

    Science is moving so fast that moral integrity can’t keep up. We are a society with a “gotta have it” mentality with no regard for future consequinces. It is a problem of epidemic perportion.

    Anyone who thinks this situation is somehow different for a child and their identity than someone who is adopted the “traditional” way just needs to read someone like Rel.

    People who chose this path need to take responsibility for their choices in the form of truthful documentation regarding their child’s identity. They should demand nothing less than the truth from from society as well.

  5. Joy


    respectfully, when have we been interested in moral integrity, we are interested in money,

    Yeah I am that cynical

  6. And I thought my situation was freaky, I feel sorry for any child who grows up with one of these.

    Wonderful, legalized deception. Sure, let’s throw another hurdle in there and make it that much more difficult to find out the truth. Aside from everything else, this is just irresponsible.

  7. This is the thing, Mia. Most States allow this pre-birth order thing where the two people who paid the money for the kid, whether they are the biological parents of the child being carried by another woman or they have used sperm and egg donors, are allowed to put their NAMES on the birth certificate AS IF they are the true parents. There is no original bc. There is no way the kid will even know unless there is a DNA test and who the hell goes around asking their parents for that?

    There are 2 States in this crazy nation (California and Arkansas) that will allow the “intended parents” of a traditional surrogacy deal (where the true mother is inseminated with either the husband’s sperm or an anonymous donor’s sperm), carries her child and then hand’s it over. Her name goes on NO birth certificate. Even in the case where it is donor sperm and so this is not just a half adoption, but a full one. There is no original BC. The people who paid for the child get their names on the original cert.

    I ask of you, how much longer before they eliminate OBCs all together? How much longer until they do pre-birth TPRs?

  8. This whole scenario just baffles me to no end! How confusing for the children who result from these orchestrated situations.

  9. Kenny

    You people are nuts and bigots

  10. You will have to be a bit more specific there Kenny. I’m not sure why you think our belief in a truthful birth certificate is bigoted? It doesn’t even make any sense. Unless of course you paid your way through college donating sperm and fear a truthful OBC would result in a bunch of little Kennys trying to look you up? Is that it?

    I guess it could be said that I am a bigot toward fictional lineage and crazy for the truth. I will give you that.

  11. Kenny

    You’re idiots because you don’t understand what a birth certificate is and legally represents. A birth certificate is not proof of genetics. It’s a legal document reflecting who has legal authority for the child.

    My children have two dads listed on their birth certificate.

    You’re not interested in the truth. You’re interested in hatred and bigotry.

    Thankfully, I found two wonderful women (an egg donor and a gestational surrogate) who understood from day one who the REAL parents of my children are – myself and my partner.

    You have people posting on here that a pre-birth order is “disgusting” when you idiots have no idea what you speak of.

    Jeez. Y’all prove the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was an enormous mistake.

  12. traditional surro Rachele

    AMEN, Kenny, AMEN! It has nada to do with genetics, it’s about legal responsibility (and legal privelege!). My TS babe, my biological child, will always know he has my DNA, and was carried by me, but that he was concieved as the son of his parents. It won’t be weird or screwed up to him because it is all he will ever know. He will always have unlimited access to his bio-siblings, my children. And wil always know that everyone who took place in his conception and birth love him unconditionally, but play different roles in his life. Congrats to you Kenny, and your partner on the growth of your family. having a child is life’s greatest blessing.

  13. mia

    Really? Really?!!! You think your biological child will know he has your DNA and unlimited access to HIS SIBLINGS? And just how do you propose that might happen if he is never told the truth? Or… even if he is told, not allowed access to your name? What makes you so sure he will be told who you are let alone that he is loved unconditionally by you?

    Wake up lady.

    Unlimited access my ass. His information is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and unless the powers that be determine him worthy it will stay that way.

    And for the record KENNY if it were a “a legal document reflecting who has legal authority for the child” then it would be called a certificate of guardianship, not a freaking BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

  14. Kenny

    Mia – Try doing your legal research. It’s embarrassing to see how uninformed you are regarding what a birth certificate legally represents. Honestly, I’m not surprised, though.

  15. Mia

    birth cer·tif·i·cate • n. an official document issued to record a person’s birth, including such identifying data as name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and parentage.

    birth certificate . an official document issued upon a person’s birth, attesting to the date and place of birth, parentage, etc.

    Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2009 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.
    Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    “Amended Birth Certificate: A term used to refer to the new birth certificate that is issued for an adopted child after an adoption becomes final, which shows the new name of the adopted child and the adoptive parents as the parents of the child, as though they are its biological parents. This new birth certificate is placed in the public records in place of the child’s original birth certificate. The original birth certificate is then stored in a separate secure location that is not accessible to the public, and may be viewed only by court order.”

    “No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” – United States Constitution, 5th Amendment.

  16. Kenny

    Wow. You have a real chip on your shoulder. If women would keep their legs closed, try taking birth control, or stop abusing their children then there would be no need for adoption. My sympathies to you for your hatred and bigotry of people doing the right thing for a baby. You should direct your hostility where it belongs – with the biological parents who are too selfish to be bothered with raising their own offspring.

  17. marilynn

    Hello. The content of the birth certificate is relied on for identification purposes because of it’s presumed medical accuracy. It actually says its a health record. It’s printed on paper that says its from the department of public health. The contents of the certificate are dictated to states by the federal government, the Department of Health Services and the purpose for collecting the information is to identify people who are healthy enough for reproduction in conjunction with recording the health of their offspring at birth. They call the results of this data collection on the parents fertility rates and then the data collected on their child is looked at for studies on pre term births and hereditary birth defects. Since our tax dollars fund the collection of that information for public health purposes they expect states to certify that they presume the identity of the parents to be medically accurate. If birth records were not really supposed to be viewed as valid records of the vital health of each individual named then they should put that on every single birth record and shut down the CDC vital statistics project because then we are saying no we really just mean the legal parents and there is no expectation of biological accuracy. The laws that leave people room to get away with paternity fraud or paternity collusion or maternity fraud maternity collusion facilitate black market adoption and child trafficking. That is what gamete donation results in is black market adoption. The laws that allow for State’s to issue amended birth records don’t take into account the purpose of the birth certificate as a health record. They don’t send the amended ones to the federal government because they are fakes. So now the federal government wants states to fix the mess this is because they have all these dead people who were never born and the federal government wants states to tell them who those people actually are so that they know whose health was impacted by the death of all those fake people.

    Cheers. I think you are logical and wonderful

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