Thursday Garden Tour

Summertime isn’t supposed to be filled with to do lists but this Summer I feel like I haven’t had a moment to rest. We seem to constantly be on the go and this minute is no exception! My garden has certainly suffered by my lack of time this year. The japanese beetles have not helped either! WHAT is UP with those freaks of nature?!?!?!

Anyway I wanted to post some pictures for Cloudscome’s Thursday Garden Tour but I have to make this quick and then get my son to football camp. I think I will post sort of an overview of my gardens and then each Thursday chose one or two specific plants and describe how I use them. Most of the plants I grow are medicinal and used as such. I also use quite a few of them in my soap. Did I mention I make handcrafted soap?

First is a photo of my backyard garden. In the far back, against the fence is a raspberry bush. They are just ripening now. Yummm!!!! The dill, tansy, lemon balm, yarrow, bee balm and something not yet defined is to the right. Whatever it is (probably a weed) is pretty and adds visual interest so it stays. Behind the flowers I have carrots, lettuce, chives and cilantro. The mess of squash vines in the back USED to be my compost. I threw all of last years fall clean up in there including some rotted zuchinis and watermellons and squash. That was a mistake. Now it’s a mess of vines and I have to start a new compost. I didn’t have the heart to pull them.

I would be OK with that except these are not just any vines but some mutant cross between a zuchini and a yellow squash. A zuchuash? A squachini? Not sure and afraid to eat them.

I don’t think I will be planting these flowers next year. When we came home from Florida they were so overgrown you couldn’t see the sidewalk. I had to stake them so they stand up straight. I wanted tall but not THIS tall! Some are cosmos, I forget the name of the others. I over bought so the rest are in the back garden.

Lilly’s are on their way out. In the back is a Jacobs Ladder, rose and a rhotodendron. Notice in all of these photos that I have absolutely NO color scheme. It looks like a rainbow puked in my yard.

My Clematis is not doing as well as I had hoped. I thought it would be much bigger by now, perhaps even covering the lamp post which is in much need of a coat of paint. Growing a plant to cover it is far easier than painting it! Lazy.

That’s it for this Thursday’s Garden Tour! Next Thursday I will have better photos and hopefully won’t be in such a hurry. Happy gardening everyone!


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3 responses to “Thursday Garden Tour

  1. I have pumpkins growing in my compost LOL! I tried transplanting some but those seedlings died and more sprouted in the compost… so I am leaving them there for now. It’s too late in the season to get pumpkins, I am afraid.

    Go ahead and eat the Squachini! I bet it is good and you could get a patent or something… call Burpee LOL!! And save the seeds.

    I think those are Cleome with the cosmos. Lovely. And I like the rainbow puke effect!!! I am looking forward to more pictures next week.

  2. Mia

    Cleome, yes that’s what they are. I knew it began with a C!

    Good idea calling Burpee. lol I discovered a pumpkin in the “compost” too. It’s already turning orange though so I don’t know if it will make it until Halloween.

  3. I hold you gardeners in awe. My yard is a wasteland.

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