Dinner Theatre

I am going to take some photos for Cloudscome’s Thursday Garden Tour and post them later today. But first some in house entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

Our dinner conversation last night:

“What’s a thingamajig?” my 6 yr. old daughter H asks.

In unison (which comes from being married for 12 years) my husband and I say “Well, it’s just like a whatchamacallit!”………If you have spent any time at all with a kid you know what comes next. But just in case…….”What’s a whatchamacallit?”

After satisfying her need-to-know regarding thingamajigs and whatchamacallits we continue our dinner and H is squishing butter between her fingers and pulling them apart. If you have to ask why you should probably just skip this post.

As she pulls them apart they make peaks which resemble tiny shark teeth on each of her little fingers. She thrusts her hand at me and says “rrraaarrrrrhhhhh, it’s a SHARK!” to which I reply “AAAAAAAHHHHHH, A SHARRRRKKKKK!!!” This is a normal response to being threatenend by a butter shark no?

So honorable 8 yr. old daughter S watches this fascinating interaction and says “this is exactly why I love parents so much, because even when we do totally STUPID things (looking at H) parents act like it’s the greatest thing in the world.”

She goes ON to say………and I quote…………”Sometimes I just don’t think we kids always get your honest opinion.”


My husband and I can’t help ourselves. We bust out laughing, which is NOT a pretty sight when you have a mouth full of spaghetti.

After gaining some composure I told S (something my Mom has said to me a thousand times) that she wasn’t a card, she was the WHOLE DECK.

S ponders this for the briefest of moments before replying “so thats like saying I am not just an actor, I am the WHOLE SHOW!”

Yes my darling child, exactly.



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2 responses to “Dinner Theatre

  1. That was so fabulous! I love these kinds of stories!

  2. This is great! I want to have dinner at your house!

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