Well my dear friends I am off to sunny Florida for ten glorious days!!!! Behave while I am gone. Or not, either way.

We are stopping to see a friend of mine on the way home and I told her I would bring back the books I borrowed. Primal Wound is one of them, which I STILL haven’t read (I hear ya’ Suz).

She said I should read it while I am in Florida.

I told her she must be on crack.

Everyone send me good vibes that the A word won’t even come to mind the entire time I’m away. Another friend said “good luck with that” when I told him my plan. lol

I shall try my best.





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6 responses to “Vacation!!!!!

  1. suz

    Ha ha ha. DONT READ PRIMAL WOUND ON YOUR VACATION. Try to get away from all this adoption trauma for those 10 ten days!

    Have fun.

  2. Have fun, Mia! I hope you enjoy your vacation. 🙂

  3. Joy

    have a great time mia

  4. Sure, right Primal Wound on vacation -nooooooo!

    Have a wonderful vacation, Mia!

    But, I make no promises to be good while you’re gone! That’s no fun!

  5. Happy trails, Mia.

    Primal Wound in definitely not beachfront reading.

  6. Whoa Mia. You just broght me back. I had a family friend who we knew was adopted. One day, she asked of me, “Are you ‘A’?”


    “You know, (hushed voice) adopted.”

    I said, “Yes. So are you.”

    Immediately she responded in harsh tones with “No I am NOT!” and stormed out.

    Really, don’t read that damn book.

    Take a break. Enjoy your vacation. Issues of many colors will still be here when you return.


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