This Song

This song is just too powerful. Go and read Jane’s post (The Sound of White) and then LISTEN to this song by Missy Higgins.

I am so entirely convinced I need to buy a copy and send it to E. But you and I both know I won’t do that. I will just dream about it making a difference.



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3 responses to “This Song

  1. suz

    yeah, i like her stuff. jane turned me on to her. i love female vocalists. this description of her song “scar” really hits home for me

    “It’s basically a song about people’s need to pigeonhole things in order to process them”, explains Missy. “It’s about rebelling from the easy path of just going along with everybody else and trying not to stand out. It’s also about realizing you’ve trusted the wrong people and finding a way to benefit from the scars they’ve left behind.

    Easter House adoption agency left a few scars behind with me. I am doing my best to benefit from them.

  2. Have a great time in FL! Have you lined up any guest bloggers for your blog while you’re gone? 😉

  3. Rel

    i have a signed copy of that album :p buy it!!!

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