Nephew Update

Well it looks like my nephew went to bat for me. He spoke to my sister and she agreed that he could meet us as long as it was during the week he will be staying with his step father’s brother and not with my birth mother’s side of the family.

The secrecy still bothers me but I will take this victory! We will be meeting the second weekend in July. I am very excited and so grateful that my nephew stood his ground and my sister finally agreed. It was obviously very important to him and that makes me feel wonderful.




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11 responses to “Nephew Update

  1. Yayyyy! Can’t wait to hear how it comes out!

  2. Baby steps are always better than no steps. Congrats!!

  3. This is great!
    Wotta kid.
    I’m so pleased. Congrats.

  4. congratulations. that is so cool. what an amazing young man your nephew you have.

  5. Joy

    That is so totally complicated, but I love it Mia, Good for you for hanging in there.

  6. Cool Mia! Glad to hear there’s some progress! And yes, good for you hanging in there.

  7. I am so glad! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  8. Maybe sometime you can give me hints about how I can encourage my nephew to accept me. (Yeah right. Not in my lifetime). But I’m really happy for you, Mia. Keep us updated!

  9. YIPPEE!

    Small victories! When your sis meets you, everything can change. I can’t wait for this for you!

    Way to persevere!

  10. Mia

    Thank you all!!! It is so great to have all of you to share my news with. Nobody else would see it as such a victory or even really understand why the term is so fitting!

    Andie my sister won’t be there, just my nephew but I have already met my sister on three seperate occasions…all successful and very plesant. I think if it were not for the circumstances with my birth mother, my sister and I would be much closer.

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