If You Give A Mom A Muffin

I am outing myself for all the world to read. I am laden with guilt. Monumental, gigantic, huge, bigtime guilt.

We have a calendar with big squares in which we write all of the events and activities of our children. It worked well but then I had to go and mess with the system by buying another calendar for my desk. The new calendar has a place for each family member next to the date. I thought it was cool and an improvement to the current system of cramming everyone’s stuff into one square. I try to be organized, really I do.

On the big calendar was today’s scheduled event: Muffins With Mom. The problem? I have gotten lazy about checking two calendars. As you can probably guess I forgot to put this seriously important event on calendar number two which is the one I checked last night.

This morning the neighbor girl came bounding over with abundant joy exclaiming what a WONDERFUL time she had had with her mom this morning. Why her mother drove her home just to ride the bus back to school is beyond me but this is about my stupid mommy moment not hers.

My daughters turned to look at me and S started crying. CRYING!!!!!! I am such a loser! I felt SO ENTIRELY HORRIBLE and rightfully so. I had signed up for 8:15 but it was already 8:15. What I SHOULD have done is rushed them out the door even though I was sporting the a.m.-get-the-kids-out-the-door-on-time look. But I just kept thinking about all of those good moms who got up early, coiffed their hair, put on make-up and something decent and showed up on time. So instead of not caring what those mothers would think of “late and obviously no concern for apprearances” me I chickened out. I just saw all of those more organized and perfect moms look of disdain and chickened out.

There are moms who don’t leave the house without juice boxes, snacks, crayons, paper, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, hats, extra clothes and tylenol. I am not that kind of mother. I am lucky I remember all of the kids let alone juice boxes when we go somewhere. Usually we are running out the door, eternally late to everything, putting shoes on while we drive away.

I told the girls I would definately find a way to make it up to them! I would forfeit Mother’s Day breakfast in bed (not that burnt toast and overcooked eggs is a huge sacrifice but my intentions were good) to take them to…gak…McDonalds for breakfast on Sunday. Just us girls.

They seemed good with that and left with smiles but I still feel terrible.

If you give a mom a muffin……….she probably has a wetnap in her purse to wipe little mouths with afterward. If you give this mom a muffin she will probably be forced to use the back of her sleeve. That is assuming she even made it there to begin with. Sigh…



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9 responses to “If You Give A Mom A Muffin

  1. suz

    awww, it will be okay. and you are not alone. when my son started pre school for years ago, i got him all up, dressed, took pictures, brought dad, gramma, our nanny and we went to school all excited.

    there was no one there.

    i had the wrong day. preschool started the following day!!!

  2. Mia

    lolololol Thanks Suz!

  3. no mom is perfect, if she was she wouldn’t be human, and who wants someone inhuman for a mom?

  4. If that is your worst mommy moment, your children are living charmed lives. Don’t beat yourself up too much. We allll have stories to tell about our pending mother of the year award 🙂

  5. inmyheart

    mia, your blog is amazing. my bioson and your biomom are a perfect fit! reading your bmoms reactions is like reading my bsons reactions. amazing that they are not related and that you and i aren’t. why must it be this way?
    oh, what i wouldn’t give for your bmom to feel the way i do, and for my bson to feel like you do! how did it all get so mixed up?!?!?!

  6. ((mia))

    You sound like me. I am going through this thing where I think… I’m going to do this and that… and then I don’t make a decision and it just passes, and I feel guilty about all these obligations.

    Then I realize. Shoot. It’s cause I’m depressed. Because of my daughter who I lost, and the pain that that leaves me with.

    So, even if you are having problems with your mom, it still is a lost relationship all those years, and it still may be leaving you in pain.

    Trauma can paralyze in moments so that we aren’t able to do the things we wanted to do.

  7. You must get a video copy of “Mommy Dearest” to show them that you could be much much worse! I think taking them to McDonalds will more than make up for it. They love you and you are a wonderful mother.

  8. Oh take it easy on yourself! It’s not easy keeping up with four kids, I know! I think most mom’s have done similar things because no one is perfect. I don’t know why it is mom’s are held to such superhuman standards.

  9. Mia


    Be good to yourselves today.

    Inmyheart~ a special hug for you

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