Pending Pulitzer

I really am feeling OK. Thoughts about all things E swirl around in my head far more than they should but I’m working on it. This f^&*#%# garage sale certainly is keeping me busy! I am looking around at all of these clothes thinking I could open my own second hand store with absolutely no problem!

I have started writing…………………..a novel!!! OMG please don’t laugh. OK, go ahead and laugh, humor is divine. I thought I had written about three quality pages but when I printed it out I had fourteen! I was motivated by holding the printed pages in my hands.

The road block thus far has been my thinking that I must sit down and create plot, characters, make an outline etc… I was never able to get that far. My creativity took a huge zap every time I had to do something so structured! Interestingly my husband pointed out to me that in these fourteen pages I have written I have developed characters, plot and direction which I think may be just as good as an outline. I never could figure out how one goes about an outline when the story is still inside of them.

I would try to think about the kind of book I wanted to write, the essence of the story and nothing would come. J would tell me “you really should write a book!” and I would just stare at him blankly, finally uttering “about what?”. I could never really pinpoint subject matter. The other day I simply sat down and began. Lo and behold the words flowed, the characters came and I am on my way.

Anyone who reads my journal here knows I am not a spelling bee champion nor do I have the skill to produce a novel without need of serious editing but that’s why editors get paid the big bucks so no worries.

If my novel gets published you all have to promise me one thing; you will all work to keep it out of the hands of Admiral Pooper Scooper whom I fear would use it to line the kitty litter box and crush my ego to bits. ;o)

Come to think of it though I suspect Dan Brown may be too busy cashing checks to worry much about what we think of his novel. Perhaps I would feel the same if I found myself in his shoes. lol



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3 responses to “Pending Pulitzer

  1. suz

    if you have not already done so, i encourage you to purchase SARKs Creative Companion. Great advice on unlocking your creativity, how to make time to be creative, etc. Its a short read but powerful and wonderful. (Kim got me hooked on SARK).

  2. Mia

    Thanks Suz! I will definately look into it!

  3. Congrats! I think it’s great you’re writing a novel, Mia! Put me down for a hot off the presses edition.

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